Lords of the Fallen boss battle guide: Defeating Commander, the second of Rhogar Lords

Looking rather like an unkempt version of God of War’s Kratos — had he been stuck on a desert island for a few years without a razor — The Lords of The Fallen’s anti-hero Harkyn is a fearsome-looking dude. With a stone-cold expression, that’s most probably been numbed by his past sins, he casts an imposing shadow over his enemies with his hulk-like frame.

But looking hard isn’t everything, especially when you’re facing one of the Lords of The Fallen’s rock-hard bosses. Commander, the second boss, is a step up in difficulty from the First Warden. To defeat him, watch the video and check out the tips below:

Class used: Executioner – combination of Medium Armor and Deception Magic

Keep away from his shield: he uses it for both offense and defense

His attacks have long and short versions, so compensate for the longer versions. Sometimes he’ll throw out two archs with his sword at varied heights, but he sometimes only throws out one. His attacks vary in this way, much like a lot of the bosses in Lords, so always react to the longer versions.

Use Gauntlets. Chipping away at his health with the Gautlet’s range attack can pass through shields, making time between flanks feel progressive.

Commander spawns adds, but they’re easy to dispatch as he retreats into an impenetrable defensive stance instead of attacking. Later on, he’ll emerge early, but he’s slow enough to avoid without much issue.

Deception spell Mimic draws his aggro, which reveals his flank. Make sure to switch to the damaging stance by pressing Triangle to maximize the opportunities, since that particular spell, among all spells, require a lot of magic early on. Commander has points in his rotation where he can be flanked naturally, but Mimic will help make more opportunities to do so.

Take your time. The video is ten minutes long. Though it could have been shorter with some of these hindsight tips, I chose the slow and steady route to dispatch him.

Stay tuned for more boss battle guide from The Lords of The Fallen, which launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC today in the U.S. and on October 30 in Europe.

If you’ve already gotten your hands on the game, take to the comments below and let us know if this helped you or if you have a better strategy to take down the Commander.