Lords of the Fallen boss battle guide: Defeating Worshiper, the third of Rhogar’s Lords

Looking rather like an unkempt version of God of War’s Kratos — had he been stuck on a desert island for a few years without a razor — The Lords of The Fallen’s anti-hero Harkyn is a fearsome-looking dude. With a stone-cold expression, that’s most probably been numbed by his past sins, he casts an imposing shadow over his enemies with his hulk-like frame.

But looking hard isn’t everything, especially when you’re facing one of the Lords of The Fallen’s rock-hard bosses. Worshiper, the third boss, is even more challenging than the Commander and the First Warden before it. To defeat him, watch the video and check out the tips below:

Class used: Executioner – Medium Armor and Deception Magic combo

Learn his rotation: he doesn’t have a lot of attacks, but almost all of them have long reach and wide swing. He will have periods of time between attacks where his weapon isn’t moving, so memorize what he does when for better opportunities. When he lodges his weapon into the ground, three big barbs will come out of the ground at you in succession. Keep moving until the third one appears then attack. 

He throws explosive skulls when you get too far away. He throws them in a wave, so bear that in mind, because they’re incredibly annoying.

Roll sideways. Doing so will have either his attacks go over you or away from you. Early in the video, I make that mistake, and while it worked initially, it doesn’t work as reliably as the side rolls.

Use Gauntlets. Gauntlets are part of the repertoire, so always use them. The Worshiper requires a constant pecking away at his health, and this is a good way to get damage in while far away.

Worshiper spawns adds after each quarter of health. When he spawns them is a good time to deal some damage, so make sure to press Triangle to switch to the damage stance in order maximize output. Don’t linger, because he won’t stand there for long. The adds will spawn in eggs that can be destroyed, but running across the map to get to both of them is a waste of time, because…

Worshiper casts "death" after losing each quarter of health. This spell will be very distinct: Worshiper kneels right where he stands, he won’t take much damage, and clouds of purple energy form randomly around the map. Don’t bother attacking him, because he takes minimal damage at best. Instead, seek refuge in the little gazebos (for the lack of a better word), and you won’t take the 4k damage. While in the gazebos, press Triangle to switch to the defensive stance and hold L1 so the adds won’t do damage or get in the shelter. Then, enjoy their smiting.

Worshiper can destroy the gazebos. If you see him get close to the gazebo you’re in, make sure that he doesn’t slam his weapon’s hilt into the ground. When he does, he’ll destroy the gazebo, and you’ll take massive damage. This is also another strategy to do damage to him, because it immobilizes him for a good amount of time, but the video doesn’t feature it.

Let Worshiper kill the adds. Luckily, his spawns aren’t intelligent. Instead of micromanaging the battlefield, simply keep a lock on Worshiper with the L3 button, kite the adds around Worshiper, and let his attacks take care of them. Trust me, fighting them individually is detrimental to Harkyn’s health.

Stay tuned for more boss battle guide from The Lords of The Fallen, available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you’ve already gotten your hands on the game, take to the comments below and let us know if this helped you or if you have a better strategy to take down the Worshiper.