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Lords Of The Fallen Offers Visceral Feedback Using DualSense Adaptive Triggers & Haptic Feedback

Lords of the Fallen developer Hexworks has revealed on the PlayStation Blog how it’s taking immersion to new heights using the DualSense controller’s adaptive feedback and haptic feedback.

PS5’s controller allows for every group of weapon to feel different in battle, with different levels of resistance available for when you pull the trigger. Light weapons and crossbows have a lower resistance attached to them, while the heavier weapons carry a lot more weight with every swing. Bows meanwhile have far greater resistance to simulate the feeling of drawing back the string before letting loose an arrow.

Haptic feedback is a crucial tool that allows players to feel every light and heavy attack. We’ve ensured players know exactly when their Dark Crusader takes a hit from enemies or through fall damage. They’ll also feel that transition from Axiom and to Umbral when they’re first killed, and experience the devastating resonance of bosses roaring. Always tightly gripped in the brooding protagonist’s right hand, the supernatural Umbral lamp will also cause the right side of the DualSense to gently rumble when in proximity to various hotspots across Mournstead.

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Lords of the Fallen also enhances the user experience with the PS5’s 3D sound capabilities, with the DualSense controller’s speaker also coming into play for the Dark Crusader’s footsteps and weapon sounds.

Lords of the Fallen is launching for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S on October 13, 2023.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]