Lost Planet requires 5GB installation

After Devil May Cry 4’s special sandwich time, it seems like yet another Capcom game will force PS3 users to go make a sandwich when they first boot up the game.

The upcoming release of Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions will require PS3 users to install about 5GB’s worth of content onto their PS3’s hard drive before booting the game for the first time. This bit of information was reported from a press release copy of the game and had the users up in arms about yet some more sandwich time that Capcom is requiring from PS3 owners.

Unlike Devil May Cry 4, there is not much to read on-screen during the installation process making it pretty much pointless to sit in front of the TV watching it install so very slowly. There has been no official word whether most or all upcoming Capcom PS3 releases will have this install feature mandatory or if games with more content such as Lost Planet and DMC 4 will be the type of game requiring the extensive install. Another worry is what if you are the owner of Devil May Cry 4 and eventually Lost Planet? If you decided to stay loyal to the Capcom brand for a couple of more titles, your 40GB PS3 may end up being filled to capacity!

Stay tuned for any official word that Capcom may have regarding this issue.