Lost Planet to launch at discounted price

Frustrated PlayStation fans have been angry with Capcom recently. First, Devil May Cry 4 goes multiplatform. While that was understandable (as more and more titles go multi nowadays in order to turn a profit), when Monster Hunter 3 went to the Wii, PS3-owning Capcom fans shed a tear or two.

Hoping to put an end to their stream on bad news, they unveiled their "big" announcement. Capcom revealed that their previously Xbox 360 exclusive title, Lost Planet, would be arriving on PS3 in early 2008.

While this news certainly didn’t hurt the PlayStation community, it didn’t set it aflame either. Now though, it appears Capcom has made a smart decision in launching their year-old title at a discounted price for Sony’s system. Instead of the usual $60 standard, Capcom will release Lost Planet at a reasonable $39.99. Considering that Lost Planet on the PS3 comes with all the downloadable content the 360 version at  a reduced price, it seems that Capcom may finally have something to please their PlayStation fans with.

More on Lost Planet soon.