Madden 17 glitch video – no points for successful 2-PT conversion

During his time with Madden NFL 17, PSU Senior Editor Tim Nunes found an instance where he was not rewarded the points for executing a successful two-point conversion.

Madden 17 glitch

For context, this glitch came while playing Draft Champions and running a fake field goal on a point after try. This issue isn’t game breaking, necessarily, but this may affect others looking to run fake field goals for touchdowns. EA Sports should be able to fix this issue rather easily, but if this is a recurring issue, it needs to be assessed.


The official PSU review will go live a little later this week once we’ve had enough time to experience exactly what Madden NFL 17 has to offer.

Has anyone come across this issue in the opening days of Madden NFL 17’s launch? Let us know in the comments below!