Madden NFL 16 cover voting reaches final four

Over the past couple releases, EA Sports has given the chance to gamers to choose who will don the cover of each year’s Madden cover, and this year is no exception. However, the voting has been done a little differently, and the votes have steered in a direction that’s uncommon when compared to the results of previous years.

Generally speaking, the standard football positions that have made it on the cover have been quarterbacks and running backs–which is mostly due to the defining roles that both positions tend to play for almost every NFL team. A few years have stood out differently, such as last year’s with Richard Sherman striking a pose under the Madden banner for ’15 as well as Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu coinciding on the cover of ’10; but the general pattern has been steady.

This year, however, none of the final four players remaining on the docket hold those two popular positions, but anyone who has watched football at all this last year will know who these four players are and why voters are representing them here:

Rob Gronkowski – Tight End, New England Patriots

Patrick Peterson – Cornerback, Arizona Cardinals

Odell Beckham, Jr. – Wide Receiver, New York Giants

Antonio Brown – Wide Receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers

Even though a lot of major players have done incredible things this year–including one particular one who holds the 2014 MVP–this group of four guys are all respectable and incredible players on the field.

Unlike previous years where voting has been available online for everyone to participate, the cover players can only be chosen in the free mobile game Madden NFL Mobile or within Madden NFL 15 itself under the game mode Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). Circumstantially, what this method of voting is only reaching gamers who play the games, meaning that the end result will more reflect the perspective of gamers as opposed to general NFL fans.

Source: Gamespot