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Mafia III teaser trailer released ahead of the E3 2016 action

 2K Games has released a Mafia III E3 2016 trailer to tease fans of its upcoming action-adventure for PS4.

Watch the Mafia III trailer.


The full Mafia III E3 demo will be on the show floor when the expo kicks off on June 12, and we’ll be bringing you videos and previews live throughout the week.

2K plans to host live Q&A sessions next week, and is encouraging Mafia III fans to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for all the details.

Set in the year 1968, Mafia III takes place in New Orleans and sees Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran, as he seeks revenge against Italian mobsters. Developed by Hangar 13, a new U.S. studio under the 2K umbrella, Mafia III promises to tell a "captivating story set in the treacherous and calculated world of organized crime."

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2K says Mafia 3 will feature a dynamic narrative structure that puts choice firmly in the hands of players who can choose between all out brute force, cunning, stalking or deception to build their empire.

The Mafia III collector’s edition was announced earlier this month, giving you the chance to get hold of a ton of content, including replica dog tag and the official soundtrack.