Major DriveClub update due next month

DriveClub developer Evolution Studios has confirmed that it will release a substantial update for its PlayStation 4-exclusive racer, DriveClub, in February.

The studio said that it will share more details on the update later this month, although that’s about all it was willing to talk about at this point.

DriveClub was released on PS4 in October 2014, and suffered from numerous server issues during the first few weeks of launch. In addition, the problems resulted in the PlayStation Plus edition of the racer being delayed for several months, having originally been scheduled to arrive alongside the full version of the game. 

The PS Plus version finally saw release in summer 2015, although it would only remain online until October before being pulled indefinitely. Evolution has supported DriveClub with a series of updates since launch, with the latest major update coming in the shape of DriveClub Bikes, a standalone expansion that offers superbike racing.

DriveClub focuses on fast-paced motor racing with a keen emphasis on social play, as gamers are able to form a club and compete against other players to see which club comes out on top. Each club is comprises of six participants, with gamers able to complete various events to earn fame and improve the standing of their club. 

The game features a dynamic weather system that incorporates rain and snow, and includes tracks inspired by real-life locations, with gamers visiting a number of different countries such as Norway and India. 50 cars were made available at launch for DriveClub, with an additional 50 more available to download via the PlayStation Store, some of which are free of charge. 

DriveClub has sold over two million copies to date, although Sony has admitted a sequel is unlikely. Read our full review of DriveClub to see if it’s worth picking up