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Major Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Leaks Leave Arkham Series Fans In Disarray

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League arrives in little more than six weeks from time of writing, and for the second time this month a bunch of the game has leaked.

Last time it was two videos combined for more than half an hour of gameplay being leaked from what was clearly early in the game’s story.

This time however it’s major, potentially mid-late game story spoilers that have been leaked through videos and screenshots that have fans of Rocksteady’s own Arkham series in disarray.

You’ll be hard pressed to find any of the images or the videos that leaked online now, as it seems that Rocksteady has done a thorough sweep of the original posts, but nothing is gone forever on the internet.

The knowledge these leaks reveal is what really has fans of the old Batman Arkham games upset, because the leaks seem to re-write aspects of the old games.

Before continuing, while it should be said that it would be unlikely these leaks were faked, they still remain unconfirmed, so take them with a grain of salt, but even still: potential spoilers ahead.

For example, it looks like Poison Ivy is making a return, after she died in the original Arkham series, though she’ll return as a much younger version of herself.

Ivy isn’t the only one being resurrected, as it also looks like he Joker is coming back, after his infamous death at the end of Arkham City. This Joker does seem different, but it’s unclear if it is a new Joker entirely or something else.

What has fans very upset though is audio which seems to be from the cutscene of the corrupted Batman’s death did not sit well with fans.

The focus for this disappointment comes from fans feeling like this was a poor way to respect and honor the most famous Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, who sadly passed away, making this game the last time we’ll hear him voice the Caped Crusader.

It’s not just that this corrupted Batman dies of course, it’s more that this was Conroy’s last outing as Batman, and he seems to die entirely under the mind control of Braniac, and that Harley Quinn (who seems to be pulling the trigger) does it without any compassion of that aspect.

Whether or not that will actually ring true with players after they’ve experienced the whole game remains to be seen. The worst thing about story spoilers is that they are never the whole picture, and surely there’s much more we’ve not yet seen.

None of this however spells any sort of good tidings for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Players have already been criticizing it for the live service approach the game looks to be taking and its initial ‘always online’ requirements.

At least regarding those, Rocksteady has confirmed an offline mode will arrive post-launch. Still, things aren’t looking so good for Rocksteady’s first game in nearly a decade.

And while co-head of all things DC movies, tv and games James Gunn confirmed on Monday that there are “no plans” for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League to be Rocksteady’s last Arkhamverse game, it’s worth remembering no studio ‘plans’ for anything to be their last project.

If Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League fails to capture enough of an audience, the fallout for Rocksteady could be dire, after so much has been invested into it over the years.

Source – [IGN]