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Maneater PS5 Trophy List Confirmed


The Maneater PS5 trophy list has been revealed, with it being exactly the same as the PS4 list. You can see the full collection of Maneater PS5 trophies below:

Maneater PS5 Trophy List

Platinum (Platinum)

Obtain all other trophies

Survivor (Bronze)

Survive Birth

Learned to Swim (Bronze)

Complete the tutorial

Growing Up (Bronze)

Reach Teen Growth

On Your Own (Bronze)

Reached Adult Growth

Wiser (Silver)

Reached Elder Growth

Ocean Terror (Gold)

Reached Mega Growth

Adaption (Bronze)

Evolve for the first time

New Breed (Silver)

Acquire 50% of available evolutions

Science Experiment (Gold)

Acquire 100% of available evolutions

Dominating the Bayou (Bronze)

Complete all objectives in Fawtick Bayou

Queen of the Wasteland (Bronze)

Complete all objectives in Dead Horse Lake

Tourist Terror (Bronze)

Complete all objectives in Golden Shores

Dropping Property Values (Bronze)

Complete all objectives in Sapphire Bay

Vacation From Hell (Bronze)

Complete all objectives in Prosperity Sands

Entertained to Death (Bronze)

Complete all objectives in Caviar Key

Ruler of the Deep (Bronze)

Complete all objectives in The Gulf

Queen of the Ocean (Gold)

Reach 100% objective completion in all regions

Gator Meat (Bronze)

Kill the Apex Predator in Fawtick Bayou

Delicious (Bronze)

Kill the Apex Predator in Dead Horse Lake

Shark on Shark Violence (Bronze)

Kill the Apex Predator in Golden Shores

Pound It (Bronze)

Kill the Apex Predator in Sapphire Bay

This Is My Movie (Bronze)

Kill the Apex Predator in Prosperity Sands

Tricks Didn’t Help Ya (Bronze)

Kill the Apex Predator in Caviar Key

I Thought You Were Tough (Bronze)

Kill the Apex Predator in The Gulf

The New Apex Predator (Gold)

Destroy all Apex Predators

Survived Again (Silver)

Survive Again

Vengeance Is Mine (Gold)

Get revenge

Deep Sea Explorer (Silver)

Find all nutrient caches

Garbage Collector (Bronze)

Find all license plates

Tourist (Gold)

Find all landmarks

Infamy Level 1 (Silver)

Reached Infamy Level 1

Infamy Level 10 (Silver)

Reached Infamy Level 10