Manhunt 2 leaked by former SCEE employee

Take-Two has confirmed that the un-edited copy of Manhunt 2 for PlayStation 2 that made its way onto the Internet last month was leaked by a former employee of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

The un-rated version of the game – which has been banned in the UK and underwent subsequent editing in North America – appeared for download on the Internet in September this year.

Speaking in a statement issued to GamePolitics, Take-Two explains the source of the leak:

“Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that a former employee of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has acknowledged his responsibility for the unauthorized online distribution of an unrated play-test version of Manhunt 2 submitted for the European PAL PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system”

The report also states that the employee in question has been sacked as a result of his actions.

An edited version of Manhunt 2 is scheduled for release in North America for PS2, PSP and Wii on October 31.