Manhunt hits PSN next week, The Warriors coming ‘soon’

Rockstar Games is best known for its multimillion-selling Grand Theft Auto series (which will return to the public conscious with Grand Theft Auto V on September 17), but PlayStation fans may remember other Rockstar gems from the PlayStation 2 era. One such game is Manhunt, a gruesome action-brawler that stirred up its fair share of controversy upon release in 2003.

If you didn’t get a chance to experience the horror of Manhunt last generation, you’re in luck. Manhunt is being added to the North American PlayStation Store’s set of PS2 Classics on May 14. Europe will receive it when the European store updates the following day.

Here the original Manhunt trailer, from the summer of 2003:

Rockstar Games has also confirmed that The Warriors will appear on the PS Store "soon." So, that’s pretty cool. I haven’t played The Warriors, but critics seemed to like it.

Kyle Prahl is a Managing Editor of PSU. He’s disturbed by the idea of choppin’ up folks in Manhunt. So follow him on Twitter, where things are less gruesome.