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Maquette – The Escape Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions


The Escape is one of the most pivotal scenes in Maquette and this guide will offer a full walkthrough for the section, as well as all the puzzle solutions.

In this guide:

Maquette – The Escape Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions

The Walk

The opening of The Escape is a relatively simple affair, as it is mostly a linear path you need to follow as the street is built in front of you and Kenzie narrates her feelings during the breakup of her relationship with Michael.

From where you start, walk forward and then out through the exit to the large area Begin following the path created in front of you, following the sentences that are written in the environment. This will guide you to the eventual end of the path where you will find an elevator. Flick the switch inside to lower yourself down.

Finding Your Way

After you reach the bottom, walk forward until you reach the collapsed clock. Just next to it, you can find a crystal ball which you can pick up. This allows you to see the true environment you are in and the path you need to take, which is shown through gold scraps of paper.

So, to start off, you need to walk straight ahead and follow the path, as there is only one way to go.


Eventually, you will hit a large ramp, created by an overturned rock. Scale it and then stand in the middle of it when you reach the top. Look directly down to find the golden paper leading around a wall. Follow the scraps all the way to the end of the path, continuing straight, before taking a right.


After taking that right turn, you will see a large rock on your left with the paper leading into it. The crystal ball will allow you to pass through that rock and continue on. Do just that. Immediately after exiting the tunnel carved out in the rock, take another right and walk straight on. Take the second left and walk up the next ramp, hopping down the other side.

Take a left once again and progress down the path. After turning for the final time, you will see another large rock on your left with paper leading into it. Pass through it once again with the ball and exit out the other side.

Once you exit the rock, walk down the opening ahead and enter it to complete the level.

With The Escape completed, you can now move on to The Spiral, where Maquette’s recursive gameplay is used in unique ways. You can also go back to our full walkthrough for more information on each of the levels in the game.

Maquette is now available on PS5 and PS4.