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Marvel’s Avengers On PS5 Will Use The Console’s 3D Audio To Improve Your Sense Of Being In The World


Crystal Dynamics have detailed how Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 will use the console’s 3D Audio to improve your sense of being in the world of the Avengers, among other details.

The new quote comes from a PlayStation Blog post detailing how developers are using the PS5’s features and it reads as follows:

“Our game worlds have been 3D for generations now, but for audio we typically have been limited to 2D surround sound. When Iron Man is destroying a turret positioned above you, or Hulk roars as he takes on the enemies below you, you want to hear the sound coming from those directions. We can just take the actual positions of the audio and ensure we get them to the PS5 3D Audiotech engine and significantly improve your sense of being in the world. And all that is just with your headphones, without needing complex surround stereo systems.”

You can find out a bunch more details about how developers are using the PS5’s features here and stay tuned for our review of Marvel’s Avengers which is set to arrive in the next week or so as we play the game.

Marvel’s Avengers releases for PS5 this Holiday. The game comes out on September 4, 2020, for PS4.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]