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Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.67 Unleashes Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor & General Improvements

Crystal Dynamics has announced the full list of Marvel’s Avengers update 1.67 patch notes for your to gawk at, which comes with support for Jane Foster, aka The Mighty Thor, as well as a host of fixes and improvements.

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Patch v2.5 is hefty… or perhaps you could say, Mighty? Today’s update brings Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor to Marvel’s Avengers, along with several fixes and improvements.

New Features

  • New Hero: Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor!
  • Hero Challenge Card
  • Unique Mission Chain
  • Outfits, Takedowns, Emotes, & Nameplates

Reassemble Campaign & Avengers Initiative

  • Nothing lasts forever… Heroes no longer inherit traversal abilities from other Heroes when swapping them out during Heroic Gauntlets. Any characters that currently have traversal issues will be fixed in this Patch, and it will no longer happen to new Heroes in your roster.
  • Non-flying enemies no longer spawn in midair in the mission “This Hostile Earth.”
  • The camera no longer gets stuck if players reset a Custom HARM room while in a Gravity Trap.
  • Fixed an issue in certain Drop Zones preventing players from healing Inhuman NPCs.
  • Kate’s Decoy no longer remains active forever if it was active when a Vault’s Sequence Objective’s EMP blast was fired.
  • In the mission “My Life as a Weapon,” enemies now spawn correctly when players skip the rooftop BBQ cinematic.
  • In the final Klaw fight, Klaw’s attacks no longer throw players out of the world.
  • Temple enemies in the Klaw Raid now despawn properly at the end of the encounter.
  • Klaw’s gun slam ability no longer pushes Ms. Marvel out of the world.
  • Ensured the health bar shows up for Abomination at the end of the mission “Heart of the Monster” after players reload checkpoint.
  • We fixed a rare occurrence of Corrupted Vibranium spires not emerging.
  • The Cargo Runner Synthoid’s loot can now be picked up even if you leave the area and return later. (Previously, players who defeated the synthoid but didn’t pick up its loot, left the area, and returned later were not able to collect their sweet, sweet gear.)
  • Some players experienced an issue where MODOK’s Codex file would not unlock upon defeating him in the Reassembled campaign, but we’ve fixed the issue, so now the Codex file will always unlock at the appropriate time. Any players who’ve beaten MODOK but not received his Codex file will receive it retroactively.
  • Thor can no longer activate the Bifrost indefinitely when reloading checkpoints or returning to the Quinjet. (He’s worthy, but he’s not THAT worthy!)
  • Corrected an issue that erroneously granted extra Faction reputation to players, potentially allowing the Faction Level 50 cap to be bypassed. Players who bypassed the Faction Level 50 cap will have their progress reset to Level 50.

Multiplayer & Matchmaking

  • Activating the Hulkbuster just before the Klaw boss fight begins no longer leaves the mission in an incompletable state.

Art & Animation

  • Flying sound effects are no longer missing from the following Thor Outfits:
  • Marvel Studios’ The Avengers
  • Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok
  • Marvel Studios’ Thor
  • Marvel Studios’ Thor: The Dark World
  • Marvel Studios’ Thor: Infinity War
  • Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame
  • Cosmic Herald
  • The sonic debuff effect no longer displays on players in the Klaw Raid who are “down but not out.”
  • A section of the Wasteland Vault terrain has been updated so that players no longer fall out of the world.

User Interface

  • Added subtitles for Nick Fury’s lines after the HARM tutorial.
  • UI elements no longer overlap in the Faction Vendor menus.
  • The word “Matchmaking” in the Companion menu now localizes correctly for different regions.
  • Nick Fury’s dialogue subtitles during the intro scene are no longer cut off by the War Table.
  • Updated subtitles for Black Widow’s dialogue during the finale for accuracy.
  • Updated text in Red Room Event Mission Chain objectives list. It used to list “Complete Red Room Mission Chains” as an objective when it should have listed “Complete Red Room Challenge Levels.” The mission chain now lists the correct text.

Gear, Challenges, & Rewards

  • Fixed an issue with Tachyon gear that allowed 2 of the exact same status effect perk to drop-in slot 1 and 2 for melee gear
  • Perks found on standard gear and Minor Artifacts that are melee focused (Melee boon as an example) have had their ceiling raised by 5-10% based on the bonus. Stun and critical chance are on the higher end while damage and critical damage are on the lower end. This will mean the possible potential of these perks is higher. The quality of the gear will have a larger impact on how close to the perks’ ceiling you will get.

Known Issues

  • The Rooskaya Protocol minor mission chains are intended to award gear to specific heroes (for example, Protocol: Vault should reward gear for Thor), but currently mission chains are awarding gear to the Hero you complete the mission as instead of the chain’s specific Hero. This is not intended and will be updated in the future.