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Marvel’s Avengers Update Adds Cosmic Cube Event, Mega Hive Changes, And More


Square Enix has revealed that Marvel’s Avengers has just received a brand new update and it adds the new Cosmic Cube event, makes some changes to Mega Hives and a whole lot more.

The full patch notes from Square Enix can be seen below:

New Features

  • Beating the Odds Villain Sector – Following trails of Cosmic energy, the Avengers track down Monica’s secret weapon: the Cosmic Cube. The Scientist Supreme is harnessing its power for an imperfect future, so it is up to the Avengers to stop her. Beating the Odds is a new Villain Sector that includes a villain fight unlike any other.
  • Cosmic Threat Event – Aligning with the new Villain Sector, the Cosmic Threat Event will commence on June 24 and end on July 8. The Cosmic Threat Event will have altered missions that will have you scouring the world in different Threat Sectors all the while being imbued with Cosmic energy that packs quite the mean punch.
  • Mega Hive – Reduced number of Heroic Gauntlets needed to complete the Mega Hive from 8 to 4.

Reassemble Campaign And Avengers Initiative

  • In House Call, Bruce now properly fixes the door on the helicarrier, allowing players to progress.
  • In To Find Olympia, enemies no longer spawn in an already defeated state in Kamala’s section. They were just preparing for the inevitable.
  • Fixed an issue in The Road Back where players could unlock the wrong skill using the Consumables menu, thereby halting progression.
  • Turbulence (Elite) now correctly appears on the War Table so players can continue with the Reigning Supreme mission chain.
  • In Desert Vault (Elite), the tunnel at the start of the mission is no longer blocked.
  • Fixed an issue where players could reach an unintended area in the throne section in Days of Anger and Symphony in a Gamma Key, allowing them to not be damaged by Maestro.
  • Fixed an issue where only missions in the Snowy Tundra were available if players switched Operations in the middle of Reassemble Campaign.
  • Mega Hives no longer stay on the War Table after they have been completed.
  • Fixed an issue in Future Imperfect where the first interact door would not open.
  • In Family Reunion, players can no longer get stuck in a falling animation by jumping into an antenna located on a floating platform before the “Finding Hawkeye” objective. You must find a different way to skydive in place now.
  • In Family Reunion, players can no longer go out of bounds during the Warbot fight by teleporting to the tower outside the time bridge room.
  • Fixed a rare issue in Masks where the last wave in the third objective would not spawn.
  • MODOK can no longer be shrunk by the effects of the Pym status although other aspects of the debuff still work. His head is growing after all.
  • Fixed a rare issue in Till Death where additional enemies were not spawning after defeating the first wave.
  • Various crash fixes.

Multiplayer And Matchmaking

  • The Matchmaking interface no longer randomly appears mid-mission in an online session.
  • Purchasing unlocks in a Hero Challenge Card while Quick Matching as any Hero now results in the correct Hero’s Challenge Card being unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where a mission would fail to reload in multiplayer if the invited Strike Team member reloads checkpoint and does not close their settings interface.
  • Strike Team hosts can now matchmake with previously matchmade Strike Team members if they left before starting the mission.
  • The 4th player of a Strike Team can now rejoin the party correctly after leaving the Strike Team.
  • When a Strike Team is formed through the Social tab, all players now see each other on the interface.
  • Various matchmaking improvements.

Art And Animation

  • Iron Man’s Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” Outfit no longer has green polygons on his shoulders.
  • Black Widow’s Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” Outfit no longer has black polygons appearing on her chest during some Emotes.
  • In the beginning of Condition Critical, the random red flags are no longer floating in mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Man’s Dramatic Entrance Emote wasn’t showing his model correctly.
  • Thor’s Red Room Outfit no longer has white pixelization on the chest plate.
  • Hulk’s Doc Green Outfit no longer stretches when using his Flex or Frenzy Emote. Once again, stretchy outfits can be tricky.
  • Fixed an issue where Monotronic Exos’ cannon would float in mid-air after destroying their right arm.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Thor’s Samaritan Outfit would display as a solid black shirt in the Quinjet.
  • Fixed an issue where Black Widow’s Liberator Outfit’s hair would sometimes switch colors.
  • The camera no longer moves on its own when using an Emote as Hulk.

User Interface

  • Villain Codex entries are properly unlocked even if a Companion is the one who deals the killing blow to the Villain.
  • Fixed an issue where icons would sometimes flash in the Gear and Marketplace interfaces.
  • The “View Consumables” button now properly appears when using keyboard and mouse.
  • In the Champion System, Kamala’s first, second, and third Melee Damage skills now grant the correct stat increases.
  • In Along Came a Spider and Up From the Depths, if your Hero is below Power Level 20, the reward icon for the tooltip now properly shows that you are getting two pieces of Uncommon gear.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Hulk and Iron Man’s Champion System interface had repeated icons.
  • Stats no longer randomly change when entering a Hive.
  • The “Free Marketplace Item” interface in the Main Menu no longer appears twice for players.
  • Some instances of “Outside Power Range” on the War Table UI when your Power Level is below or above the suggested Power Level now display as “Will Not Change Power Level” for better clarification on difficulty.
  • Changing tabs using the designated buttons now works correctly in the Inventory Locker.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where elements of the character interface would disappear if another Strike Team member started a cutscene.
  • In HARM Training: The Basics, a new pop-up interface appears during the Target Lock section that tells the player to turn on Target Lock in the settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the news interface would repeatedly pop up even after dismissing it on the Main Menu.
  • Improved mission summary after you complete a mission to include Hero’s Catalyst information.
  • Added further messaging to the XP part of the HUD that shows when a Hero’s Catalyst is activated.
  • After purchasing an outfit, the UI showing how to make a purchase now updates correctly and disappears.
  • Thor’s Redeemer Outfit icon now fits in the frame.
  • Various text, localization, and subtitle fixes throughout the UI.


  • Players can now properly enter the Hulkbuster as Iron Man if summoned on a jump pad.
  • Hulkbuster can now use jump pads.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would wobble when Iron Man uses Energy Barrier and flight during combat.
  • An Artifact does not spontaneously appear in Kamala’s hand when said Artifact is activated by another player while Kamala happened to be using her High Five move.
  • Players no longer go out of bounds if they are revived at the same time as Iron Man summons the Hulkbuster near them.
  • Hawkeye’s Ultimate Heroic Hunter’s Arrow no longer has its base damage capped at a certain amount.

Gear, Challenges, And Rewards

  • Dismantling gear now offers more Fragments and Rare resources based on the quality of gear dismantled. This is to offset the lower drop rates of gear from the previous patch.
  • Edited some text and icons on the War Table for better reward clarity.
  • Rewards that have scaling quality gear based on Power Level have different icons as well as text calling out those types of reward.
  • Surging Set Gear or Tachyon Exotics no longer roll with Resilience, Intensity, and Resolve at the same time.
    • Each gear set now has between 3 or 4 attributes that they are capable of rolling with.
    • This applies to Priority, Tachyon, Surging, Hivemind, and [REDACTED UPCOMING GEAR] sets.
    • Hivemind and sets related to Tachyon missions now focus on melee and ranged damage along with status buildup and perk chance.
    • Priority gear attributes are now limited to Might, Resolve, and Resilience.Several sets of gear, including mission-specific gear, no longer roll attributes at random.
  • Rooskaya Protocol Chips no longer drop outside of the Corrupted Data Event.
  • Daily Challenges now refresh when holding “F” on a keyboard. Remember to pay respects.
  • Gear rewards are now properly displayed in the Mission Summary screen even if a player’s inventory is full.
  • Rewards for Along Came a Spider are appropriate to the Hero’s Power Level.
  • When defeating an enemy by knocking them off a cliff or ledge, players now receive the loot in the Mission Summary screen rather than the loot being unreachable.
  • Fixed an issue where Status Effect Icons were present in Iron Man gear that did not apply specific Status Damage.

Known Issues And Workarounds

Note: Potential minor spoilers for the new Villain Sector, Beating the Odds, below.

  • The Vault Onboarding mission is not updating when completing a SHIELD Cache.
  • In Beating the Odds, sometimes Hulk as a Companion may go idle during the fight against Monica.
  • In Beating the Odds, the countdown timer for Monica’s explosion attack may not be accurate at times.
  • In Beating the Odds, dodging behind a pillar during Monica’s explosion attack may result in getting hit.
  • Audio may drop during the cinematic after completing Beating the Odds.
  • Mission details for Mega Hives incorrectly indicate 8 Heroic Gauntlets need to be completed when it should be 4.
  • Iron Man’s Intrinsic Energy drains when he is performing a Takedown.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PS5 and PS4.

Source – [Square Enix]