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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Issues Receive Temporary Fix Ahead Of Next Update

Eidos Montreal has released a set of known issues for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as well as temporary fixes to tide players over until the next major update arrives on the scene.

The developer took to Reddit to outline a number of known issues with the superhero title, which you can check out below.

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ist of Known Issues:

General Issues

  • Custom difficulty settings resetting on their own

  • Subtitles truncated in some languages when a character has long dialogue

  • Guardians Collectibles not unlocking in Compendium

  • PC – Broken lighting with AMD GPU

    • Workaround: Update to Driver 21.10.4

Chapter-Specific Issues

  • Chapter 1: Unable to scan objects with visor

    • Workaround: On PS4, customize button assignments in your console’s accessibility settings to change R2 with another button.

    • Workaround: On PS4, use Share Play to have a friend execute the scan

    • Workaround: Try using a different / newer controller

Chapter 3: Unable to progress through funnel near second bridge

  • Chapter 4: Cutscene not triggering after following Groot

    • Workaround: Reload last checkpoint

  • Chapter 6: Invisible wall in maze (PC)

    • Workaround: Try capping your FPS to 30

  • Chapter 7: Unable to progress through crawl section (PC)

    • Workaround: Try capping your FPS to 30 or 60

  • Chapter 7: Unable to progress through the “crane” puzzle

  • Chapter 8: Unable to progress through the “hug” QTE with a keyboard (PC)

    • Workaround: Use a controller, or activate the option “Auto-Win Quick Time Events” in the settings

  • Chapter 10: Stuck in a ledge shimmy loop

    • Workaround: Avoid the ledge entirely and use the vegetation to jump across.