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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Have A Connection To The Multiverse, A Miles Morales Action Figure Reveals

UPDATE 22/03/2023: Hasbro has come out to correct that the product description for the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 based Miles Morales action figure from Marvel’s Legends referencing the multiverse was a mistake, and it has now changed the product description.

According to Hasbro, the original description was mistakenly referencing the upcoming movie, Across The Spiderverse, and not Insomniac’s upcoming game.

Original Story:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of 2023’s most anticipated titles for anyone with a PS5, and players have been speculating ever since it was first announced what we’d see this time from Insomniac.

The use of dimensional rifts in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart made many fans curious if the same kind of idea could be integrated into the new Spider-Man game, especially since Sony’s popular successful animated Miles Morales focused film heavily involves the Spider-verse.

Well, it seems like the cat has been pulled from the bag a little early, as a new Marvel Legends action figure for Miles Morales describes the hero as finding allies “across the Multiverse – and at home in New York.”

There’s even further allusion to Miles using the symbiote, with “Venom Power” interchangeable hands for the figure.

It’s important to clarify that while there are multiple Miles Morales action figures out there, this one is specifically the Miles Morales from Insomniac’s games.

How all of these little bits of new knowledge connect will be for the full game to reveal, and thankfully a recent tease from Venom voice actor Tony Todd points to September for when we’ll finally have the game in our hands, to find out for ourselves.

Source – [TheDirect]