Mass Effect 4 needs to be a prequel

BioWare hasn’t been shy about the fact it’s in the early planning stages of a new Mass Effect game. In fact, it’s already confirmed a few juicy tidbits for us, such as the fact it’ll be powered by Frostbite 2 and won’t feature Commander Shepard (or Shepard MK. II in the company’s own words). However, something that hasn’t been decided yet is whether or not the next instalment in the epic sci-fi space saga will follow up on Shepard’s exploits or take the form of a prequel. As such, the developer took to Twitter to ask fans what they’d like to see from the next game.

No doubt every fan has their own ideas as to what Mass Effect 4 should be, but for us, we’d love to see a prequel. Despite the fact we’re curious to see how the galaxy recovers following the attempted Reaper invasion, there’s simply too much lore worth exploring to pass up the opportunity of a prequel. Mass Effect has a rich, intricate history that BioWare created when they launched the original game five years ago, and that backstory is just begging to get its own full-fledged game. Sure, we know a great deal about it already thanks to the Codex, but how compelling would it be to actually live the experience in-game?


BioWare has ample material for which to base a new game off of. As well as the First Contact War – a crucial point in the Mass Effect universe’s history – there’s a plethora of other events too that pre-date humanity’s involvement with the other races. How about the Krogan Rebellions? The Rachni Wars? Or how about the Protheans? The latter would surely open up a whole new possibility in terms of races. We love the idea of taking command of an iconic Krogan, Asari or Turian in one of the key events throughout these species’ lives, and it would certainly take the series in a new direction after playing as a human for the past three games.

In addition, given the time frame in which some of these events occur, it would also give us a chance to see various civilisations and iconic landmarks before they fell into ruin or indeed begun to prosper. We’d love to see the Citadel upon its discovery by the Asari, or explore the Quarian homeworld before they were driven off it during the Geth Uprising. Gameplay wise we could also see some interesting tweaks; after all, if we’re going back decades, maybe even hundreds of years, technology is invariably going to be far less advanced than it was in the ME trilogy. This gives the developers a chance to inject some new ideas into combat and exploration, for example. Lastly, playing as new races also opens up plenty of opportunity for new playing styles; Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer gave us a good hint of this, with the various species holding strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.

Failing that, we wouldn’t moan if BioWare opted to turn the spotlight on some of Shepard’s teammates that we’ve come to know and love over the past five years. How about a Garrus-centric mission and explore his origins, including his time with C-sec. Or maybe revisiting Thane’s days as a Drell assassin? You know you want to, BioWare.

What would you like to see from a Mass Effect prequel? Let us know in the comments section below.