Mass Effect Andromeda day one patch update details

mass effect andromeda update

BioWare has released Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.04 ahead of the hotly anticipated sci-fi RPG game’s North American debut tomorrow on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. 

The day one patch aims to address numerous bugs and stability issues, although as far as we know the update does not fix any of the animation issues that have been reported via early impressions on EA Access. The update weighs in at approximately 1.9GB on PS4.

In case you missed it, BioWare released a statement on the criticisms, notably addressing those individuals who launched a series of personal attacks on a member of the development team.

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BioWare’s Fernando Melo confirmed on Twitter that a full list of Mass Effect Andromeda patch notes will be released at some point today, and that future updates for the game will focus on various multiplayer improvements, including performance and ways to stop enemies from attacking you as you spawn. 

In addition, all platforms @masseffect – landing on Ark Natanus in patch 1.04 (PC/PS4 out now, XB1 mon/tues/ latest). Also, some @mass effect server side data fixes incoming as we speak – should address some Challenges not being able to complete,” said Melo.

Mass Effect Andromeda will launch in the U.S. tomorrow and in Europe on March 23. The game takes place some 600 years after the events of the Reaper invasion depicted in the original trilogy, and sees gamers controlling newcomer Ryder; a pathfinder tasked with exploring the titular Andromeda galaxy in hopes of finding humanity a new home. Find out what critics thought of the game in our Mass Effect Andromeda review roundup.