Mass Effect Andromeda levelling up system is ‘incredible,’ says BioWare

The producer behind Mass Effect: Andromeda has teased that levelling up in the highly anticipated science-fiction title will be an ‘incredible’ experience.

Mike Gamble took to Twitter to discuss the latest details on BioWare’s upcoming space epic, stating the levelling "system itself is quite incredible." He then credited the work to fellow game designer, Ian Frazier.

He later added, “Showed the game to some very senior people today…with late game content…and a level 1 character. No, they weren’t laughing *with* me.

From the sound of it, players will have to make sure they are sufficiently levelled in order to tackle some of Andromeda’s latter stages. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One in holiday 2016. BioWare previously hinted it will aim to provide gamers with a satisfying conclusion to the game, and confirmed Andromeda will feature dynamic weather effects. It won’t be a prequel to the original trilogy, either.

Check out the first images of the game here.