Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer microtransactions listed, buy points

mass effect andromeda multiplayer

With the great news that Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer DLC will be free for players comes the news that Bioware and Electronic Arts may be making their extra cash through microtransactions instead.

According to a listing on ShopTo, there’s a currency called Andromeda Points which you can buy for cold, hard cash.

Prices range from £3.95 for 500 Mass Effect Andromeda Points to £79.96 for 12,000 Points.

The listing states:

“Andromeda Points are an in-game currency for the Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer mode only.

These points can be purchased with real world currency and can be used instead of the earned in-game currency to obtain new Multiplayer packs, which contain items used in the Multiplayer mode.”

mass effect andromeda multiplayer

Mass Effect Andromeda microtransactions listed at UK retailer

Mass Effect Andromeda is due for release in just a couple of weeks on March 21, 2017 so it’s very surprising that we haven’t heard more about the new microtransactions system. Whether buying items will give us any specific advantage in-game remains to be seen.

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