Mass Effect Andromeda trailer highlights action-packed combat

BioWare has debuted a brand new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer during CES 2017 this week, offering a new glimpse at the hotly anticipated sci-fi RPG in action. 

The new footage is comprised mostly of gameplay, and showcases new protagonist Ryder battling against various monstrosities using a wealth of new powers, including a rather snazzy-looking flamethrower-style attack that is sure to get foes hot under the collar. Check it out below.

Mass Effect Andromeda release date set for March 2017

BioWare confirmed overnight that Mass Effect Andromeda will launch in the U.S. on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 21, 2017, and in Europe on March 23. As previously confirmed, the game will receive a special Collector’s Edition, which includes a fully remote control Nomad replica and other bonus content. 

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Set around 600 years after the Reaper invasion depicted in the original trilogy, Mass Effect Andromeda sees gamers controlling pathfinder Ryder (you can hop into the boots of either the male or female Ryder siblings) as you explore the galaxy in search of a new home for humanity. According to a post by BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn, the game is currently up and running on PS4 at 1080p/30fps.

BioWare has confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will feature plenty of exploration, as players venture across uncharted planets battling giant bosses, uncovering new locations, and attacking enemy strongholds. While the game won’t feature all races from the original trilogy, the game will see a number of familiar species such as the Krogan and Turians, while the multiplayer has been expanded beyond what we saw in Mass Effect 3.

If you can’t get enough footage of the game, then check out the previous Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay in action.