Maxell backs Blu-ray for camcorder market

Blu-ray received an enormous boost when the data storage firm Maxell announced that it will begin shipping 8cm Blu-ray BD-R (write-once) and BD-RE (rewritable) discs for the high-definition camcorder market.

Maxell’s discs work on any of the latest Blu-ray camcorders, letting you store one hour of full high-definition picture quality at a whopping resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Not only are the discs great for storing high-definition film, but they also feature a unique hard coat technology that prevents scratches, fingerprints and other debris.

Don Patrican, vice president of sales and marketing at Maxell Corporation of America excitedly stated, "As people see their home movies with richer texture, images and sound as a result of HD technologies available on the market, they will not turn back."

Furthermore, he went on to state how this addition of Blu-ray will affect the media for camcorders:

"With this latest addition of recordable Blu-ray media for camcorders, our category expertise allows us to help our customers navigate the latest HD technologies ensuring they have the right products at retail stores."

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Source: vnunet