Maximize stamina recovery in Bloodborne with this trick

While the firearms and the Hunter’s Tourch bring their own functionality to the game, there is a cost that may be surprising.

Firearms have plenty of uses, such as interrupts, stuns, and even pulling individual enemies from a group, and the Hunter’s Torch is fantastic for navigating dark areas; but the cost of convenience is rather high, especially if the secondary weapons aren’t used as regularly as primary weapons are. Results discovered by dedicated Reddit users distinctly show that stamina regeneration is affected by having a secondary weapon equipped. 

The comparative video included in the Reddit post displays highly significant differences–nearly two seconds–in a complete stamina bar regeneration when an equipped secondary weapon is compared to an empty left hand. More specifics are still being explored, such as if the effects on stamina are different for each weapon, but the results are vivid.

Take a look at what they discovered, and let us know if this changes the way that you approach boss fights.