Maximum Stake Limits for Online Slots to be Reduced in UK

Playing online slot games remains hugely popular. However, in the UK there are going to be big changes in September of this year. That’s when new maximum stake limits are going to be introduced. They will be as little as £2 for those aged between 18 and 24.

When a player visits an online casino, it’s often the slot games section that is the first they’ll visit. New games are being released on a continual basis and there are some huge amounts to be won.

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These games are popular with those in the 18-24 age range and that’s a worry for many people. The fear is that playing at such a young age can lead to addiction and serious problems. Hence, the desire to introduce the lower maximum stake limits for online slots.

It’s not just the younger players that are being targeted by the UK Government. Players aged 25 and above will have a maximum £5 stake limit imposed on them.

There hasn’t been a major Gambling Act passed since 2005. Just think how the gambling industry has changed over the past 19 years.

The arrival of the internet and being able to gamble on your mobile devices has totally changed the landscape.

Last year finally saw a UK Government White Paper on gambling reform published. As expected a lot of its content concentrated on bringing the outdated laws up to date. The concerns over younger gamblers also played a key role.

The hope is that the lower maximum stake limits will see a reduction in addiction levels. There is not at present a maximum amount that can be gambled on online slot games. It is very easy to lose a lot of money in a short time as players chase progressive jackpots and attempt to trigger bonus games.

There is concern though among members of the UK gambling industry. In the past, there were restrictions made on the machines seen in High Street bookmakers. Just as can be the case in the video gaming industry, it led to redundancies being made.

An estimate claims that there will be a reduction of £166.2 million in the annual gross gambling yield that gambling companies have. When the changes are introduced in September, there will also be other costs incurred as the slot games are adjusted to the new maximum stake limits.

More changes are likely in the future as stricter regulation is introduced. This is likely to include tougher affordability checks on gamblers. It’s going to be an uncertain time for the UK gambling industry.