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MediEvil PS4 Update 1.02 Patch Notes Released

Medievil PS4 1.02 Patch Update

Folks who have PS4 exclusive MediEvil will notice that a new patch arrived today. The MediEvil PS4 update 1.02 patch should now be downloading onto PS4 systems everywhere.

MediEvil PS4 Update 1.02 Patch Notes

This latest MediEvil update patch clocks in at a hefty 15.5GB and contains the following fixes:

• New camera rotation speed option
• Toggle-able Dan Cam
• Less aggressive Dan Cam re-centering
• R3 resets camera behind Dan
• New 30 FPS lock option
• Lots of fixes for various reported issues

UPDATE 22/11/2019

Sony have updated the patch notes as seen above. Huzzah!


Yep, that’s right – Sony strike again with their ULTRA DETAILED PATCH NOTES. It could be one massive fix or a range of small ones – either way, we have no real clue just what this patch actually fixes.

Which is about useful as a chocolate teapot.

Medievil PS4 Update 1.02 Patch
MediEvil PS4 Update 1.02 Patch – My kingdom for a detailed set of patch notes!

Here’s hoping for better, more detailed patch notes next time eh?

Source: PlayStation Network