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Best PS4 Exclusives – Amazing Games That Everyone Should Play


Arguably, one of the best things about owning a PS4 is the ever growing selection of exclusive games that you can get for it. From DriveClub to Yakuza Kiwami and everything in between, the sheer variety of exclusive titles on PS4 is matched only by their caliber.

So whether you’ve just found yourself in possession of a shiny new PS4, or, if you’ve had one for a while and simply want to keep up to date on all the exclusives available for the console, we’ve got a comprehensive list of the best PS4 exclusives.

Updated 19/02/2018 – Added Everybody’s Golf

Best PS4 Exclusives: Bloodborne

Only FROM Software could fashion a PS4 exclusive like Bloodborne. A grim third-person action adventure very much in the mold of its Dark Souls series of games, Bloodborne whisked players away to the nightmarish realm of Yharnam, a sprawling Gothic city where bleak nihilism reigns and where horrors spawned from the depths stalk its blood soaked streets.

Best PS4 Exclusives 19
Best PS4 Exclusives: The Gothic city of Yharnam in Bloodborne is home to a great number of unspeakable horrors.

More than just a change of scenery when compared to the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne excelled on account of a brand new combat system that prohibited the use of shields in favour of an evasion based approach where incoming attacks must be dodged rather than blocked. Though the setting and combat system were both somewhat separated from that which fans had seen in the Souls games previously (the combat perhaps less so), Bloodborne nonetheless employed many of the same hooks that had made those games so compelling int he first place such as the intuitive wrap-around level design, subtle narrative and boundlessly inventive bosses. Bloodborne wasn’t an easy recommendation for fans of Dark Souls, it also, even now, happens to be one of the very best exclusive games you can get for your PS4, too.

Best PS4 Exclusives: DriveClub

Before Gran Turismo Sport roared onto PS4 at the end of 2017, the first-party racing game honors belonged to DriveClub and despite a somewhat rocky initial release period, Evolution Studios polished effort would soon evolve into a sublime racer that stands, even today, as one of the best racing games money can buy.

Best PS4 Exclusives 01
Best PS4 Exclusives: The weather effects in DriveClub are unmatched.

Boasting a bevy of cars to choose from, many hugely detailed tracks to race on, a rewarding progression structure and a beautifully tuned handling model, DriveClub still remains one of the premier racers on Sony’s home console. Oh, and it still has the best weather effects of any racer on the market too.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Everybody’s Golf

Since the release of the very first Everybody’s Golf for the original PSOne back in 1997, Sony’s whimsically charming golf effort has held a justified permanent place in the hearts of PlayStation gamers around the globe.

Best PS4 Exclusives 21
Best PS4 Exclusives: Everybody’s Golf on PS4 is the most welcome and eminently playable the series has ever been.

Fast forward some 20 years and Sony’s first-party golfer arrives on PS4 in rude form; boasting accessibility and character by the bucketload and reminding gamers that you don’t need a super serious licensed golf simulation to create a genre effort that will appeal beyond its demographic. Easy on the eyes and easier still to play, Everybody’s Golf does justice to its PlayStation lineage on PS4 and offers up a superlative bit of golfing that everybody can enjoy – hence the title!

Best PS4 Exclusives: Gran Turismo Sport

Speaking of premier racers, Gran Turismo, Sony’s longtime racing franchise, finally made its debut on PS4 at the end of 2017 and much like DriveClub before it, it’s fair to say that it didn’t release in tip-top form. Weeks later however, and diligent patching by developer Polyphony Digital has not only resulted in a more polished experience, but a much more content rich one too as a great deal of additional single-player races and tournaments were added to bring Gran Turismo Sport in line with fans expectations for the series.

Best PS4 Exclusives 02
Best PS4 Exclusives: Gran Turismo Sport thrusts the long-running racing series into 4K and HDR.

With beautiful HDR-powered visuals (especially so on PS4 Pro where a higher resolution can be enabled), that timeless Gran Turismo handling model, more polish than seems eminently reasonable and generous PSVR support, you end up with a racer that is right up there with DriveClub in the ‘must-have’ stakes. You can own both y’know.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Horizon Zero Dawn

Set in a post apocalyptic world where animal-like machines roam the lands, players find themselves cast as Aloy, a bow-toting outlaw with a mysterious past who must uncover the cause behind the rise of these machines all the while engaging in some of the best combat and exploration the PS4 has seen to date.

Best PS4 Exclusives
Best PS4 Exclusives: Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty much the most essential game you can buy for your PS4 right now.

A massive departure from their typically linear FPS stomping grounds, Killzone: Shadow Fall developer Guerrilla Games surprised everybody with Horizon Zero Dawn, a stunning open world RPG whose breathtaking scope and spectacle was duly matched by a great story and even greater heroine. There’s no getting around it; your PS4 is incomplete without Horizon Zero Dawn.

Best PS4 Exclusives: inFamous: Second Son

One of the earliest indicators of the level of graphical fidelity that PS4 would usher in over Sony’s last generation console, inFamous: Second Son, Sucker Punch’s first PS4 title simply looked incredible, with all manner of boundlessly impressive lighting and shadowing effects that still remain eye-opening to this day.

Best PS4 Exclusives
Best PS4 Exclusives: Even today, inFamous Second Son just oozes visual style.

More than just a technical showcase however, inFamous: Second Son more crucially took the third-person superhero action that was the series trademark into weightier and grittier waters, with characters that you care about and a well-crafted narrative that provides ample incentive for players to see it through to the end.  

Best PS4 Exclusives: Nier: Automata

It seemed highly unlikely, if not impossible that cult PS3 action RPG title Nier would ever receive a new title in the series. Furthermore it seemed equally improbable that this dream game would be developed by action adventure maestros Platinum Games. And yet, that’s exactly what happened when Nier: Automata sliced its way on to the PS4 in 2017.

Best PS4 Exclusives 20
Best PS4 Exclusives: Platinum Games lending their well-practiced action adventure talents to Nier: Automata was a boon indeed.

Although Nier: Automata shared the multi-genre approach that its predecessor embraced, that’s largely where the functional comparisons end because, well, Automata is essentially an RPG-tinged Devil May Cry with android waifus and it literally couldn’t give a monkey turd what you think about it. With blisteringly fast third-person combat that combines Platinum’s penchant for stylistic action with the fact that Nier: Automata is a treat for the eyes and ears, the unlikely second coming of Nier also happens to be one which is utterly essential for PS4 gamers everywhere, too.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Nioh

On paper, Nioh should never have been released. Teased for the launch of the PS3(!) more than ten years ago, Nioh from Dead or Alive 5 developer Team Ninja seemed like the very definition of vapourware; a technopoetic promise of smoke and mirrors that would never amount to anything.

Best PS4 Exclusives 05
Best PS4 Exclusives: Nioh is beautiful to look at, satisfying to play and very, very hard to beat.

Fast forward to 2017, and not only did Nioh get released, but it also confidently staked its claim as a toweringly brilliant action adventure, and one which arguably takes the Dark Souls formula to new heights against a Feudal Japanese backdrop. There’s no getting around it, if you love action adventures and fancy a staunch challenge you need Nioh.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Persona 5

The 2017 Game of the Year in the eyes of many, Persona 5 brought the offbeat and thoroughly brilliant JRPG series kicking and screaming onto PS4 with astounding results. Largely regarded as the best entry in the series, Persona 5 elevated the series traditional marriage of dungeon crawling and slice-of-life school shenanigans to new heights with hand-crafted dungeons, a new stealth system and a game world that is set in the very much real world realm of Tokyo.

Best PS4 Exclusives 06
Best PS4 Exclusives: Persona 5 is easily the most stylish game of the PS4 generation so far.

Encompassing a brash, colourful and loud aesthetic that instantly catches the eye in addition to hundreds of hours of JRPG gameplay, Persona 5 isn’t just at the apex of the JRPG genre, it also happens to be one of the very best exclusives you can buy on PS4.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Ratchet & Clank

No PlayStation platform would be complete without Ratchet & Clank and so it’s with good news that I can confirm that not only does the PS4 serve as the home for the space duo’s latest adventure, but it also happens to be one of the best instalments in the series, too. A remake of the first game in the series, Ratchet & Clank on PS4 not only looks like a Pixar film in places from a visual standpoint, but it also weaves a number of improvements into the fabric of the base title to bring it bang up to date, too.

Best PS4 Exclusives 07
Best PS4 Exclusives: Ratchet & Clank has never looked so good.

From additional weapons and gadgets to the much-needed ability to perform strafe attacks, there can be little doubt that Ratchet & Clank on PS4 stands as perhaps the best entry in the long-running series to date. Furthermore, it also remains an obvious entry point for newbies and veterans alike into the action platforming adventures of PlayStation’s most mischievous duo.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Shadow of the Colossus

Arguably the PS2’s game of its generation, Shadow of the Colossus comes to PS4 in magnificent form thanks to the boundless talents of porting studio Bluepoint Games. In every way the definitive version of what is arguably Team Ico’s magnum opus, Shadow of the Colossus has been completely remade (not remastered) for PS4 as it boasts all new art and visual effects that serve to drive its distinctly minimalist style to even grander heights than ever before.

Best PS4 exclusives 08
Best PS4 Exclusives: Bluepoint Games have done a stellar job in remaking Shadow of the Colossus for PS4.

A timeless action adventure gem that staunchly rejects the modern day busywork that infests so many games while also embracing a narrative that eschews expected ethical convention in favour of something far more darkly ponderous, it’s perhaps fitting that one of the greatest games of PS2’s generation now also becomes one of the greatest games of the PS4 generation, too. Make no mistake, this is a true PlayStation classic reborn and reforged in its ultimate form – you owe it to yourself to include Shadow of the Colossus in your collection.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Tearaway Unfolded

Few would have thought that despite a stellar debut on PS Vita, Tearaway on PS4 would be able to replicate anything remotely approaching the same magic as its handheld counterpart, and yet, that’s exactly what happened with Tearaway Unfolded. Less a sequel and more a director’s cut of the PS Vita original, Tearaway Unfolded is a platforming adventure that whisks players away to a whimsical paper craft realm where they must deliver a message to a mysterious portal that has opened in the sky.

Best PS4 Exclusives 09
Best PS4 Exclusives: It’s impossible not to fall in love with Tearaway Unfolded.

Beyond its seemingly twee premise, Tearaway Unfolded proffers itself as a masterful take on the platforming genre. Much more than a straight-laced effort, Tearaway Unfolded makes inspired use of touchpad on the Dualshock 4 controller; enabling players to create objects allowing them to progress through the game world and permitting them to affect the environment in unprecedented ways. Absolutely bursting with character and presenting itself as a shining example of how you port a PS Vita classic to PS4, Tearaway Unfolded is beautifully charming and involving title that really stands apart from anything else on the console.

Best PS4 Exclusives: The Last Guardian

In a manner akin to Nioh, The Last Guardian was originally destined to release on Sony’s last-generation console but due to a series of haggard events, never made the cut. Finally finding a home on PS4 in 2017, Fumito Ueda’s masterpiece provided all the spectacle and understated awe that we would expect from a Team Ico title. However, as any fan of that studio’s output should know, there are a multitude of layers that exist under the astounding veneer for each of the studio’s efforts and The Last Guardian is certainly no different in that regard.

Best PS4 Exclusives 10
Best PS4 Exclusives: The long wait for The Last Guardian was more than worth it.

Cast as a boy who befriends as massive chimera amusingly named ‘Trico’, the two must work together to escape the dark forces that pursue them, with the young lad leveraging the gargantuan size of his companion to break obstacles and create paths of escape. The kicker here, is that Trico himself is governed by a highly sophisticated AI whereupon you must gradually build a rapport with him before he fully obeys your commands. Beautiful, poignant, haunting and boundlessly inventive, The Last Guardian emphatically makes a hatrick for Team Ico while also doubling up as one of the PS4’s must have games.

Best PS4 Exclusives: The Last of Us Remastered

Without question the definitive version of the PS3 ‘Game of the Generation’, The Last of Us Remastered comes to PS4 with a veritable raft of visual improvements and a not too subtle reminder that Naughty Dog’s last gen swansong still remains one of the very best action adventures available.

Best PS4 Exclusives 11
Best PS4 Exclusives: The Last of Us Remastered is the definitive edition of PS3’s game of the generation.

A grimly nihilistic post-apocalyptic tale of mankind struggling to survive after being decimated by a parasitic virus which turns folk into murderous, flesh-eating monsters, The Last of Us Remastered masterfully combines emotional storytelling, engaging characters and hugely satisfying third-person combat to fashion an effort that simply has to be played by every PS4 owner. There is a reason why The Last of Us: Part II is so highly anticipated – this is it.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

A value busting compilation of Nathan Drake’s PS3 adventures, there is arguably no better starting point for folks who have yet to experience the Uncharted series. Encompassing a series of globe-trotting third person adventures that combine the cinematic qualities of the Indiana Jones films with the trinket-chasing shenanigans of the Tomb Raider games, the Uncharted games have enthralled players the world over with its action heavy set pieces, quick witted characters and stunning visual presentation.

Best PS4 Exclusives 12
Best PS4 Exclusives: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection is arguably the best way to relive Nathan Drake’s PS3 era career.

And now, thanks to the stellar remastering efforts of Bluepoint Games and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, fans can relive those adventures in their most pristine form with each of the three games benefitting from a new sheen of technical paint that includes higher resolution visuals, new textures and added effects to name just a few of the improvements.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

In retrospect there was perhaps no grander way to close out the Nathan Drake story on PS4 than Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The epic culmination of the series to that point, the subtitle of the fourth entry in the series provided a foreboding clue about how developer Naughty Dog sought to bring an end to the adventures of Nathan Drake and simply put, Uncharted 4 remade the DNA of the modern videogame blockbuster in ways that we didn’t think it could.

Best PS4 Exclusives 13
Best PS4 Exclusives: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is one of the finest cinematic experiences you can have anywhere. Anywhere.

At turns embracing and heightening the series penchant for Hollywood bombast while juxtaposing such sequences against more tender moments that meaningfully add to these characters that we’ve spent the better part of the last ten years with, Uncharted 4 isn’t just one of the most technically impressive games on PS4, it’s also a more than fitting end for one of the enduring icons of the PlayStation brand. Consistently stunning, deftly paced and stuffed with more action than a Die Hard convention, Uncharted 4 marks an exceptional and emotionally resonant end to the core of one of PlayStation’s greatest franchises.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

A roaringly punchy and action-stuffed spin-off from the mainline Uncharted IP, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy takes the two most badass ladies from the series, frequent Nathan Drake partner/antagonist Chloe Frazer and Uncharted 4’s mercenary soldier Nadine Ross, and pairs them up as they set out to find the legendary tusk of Ganesh, the son of Hindu god Shiva.

Best PS4 Exclusives 14
Best PS4 Exclusives: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy provides players with an enticing glimpse into a post-Nathan Drake Uncharted franchise.

Though markedly shorter than Uncharted 4 (and with a budget price to match), Uncharted: The Lost Legacy nonetheless gives a grand account of itself as provides players with whopping great dollop of the witty dialog and explosive action that they’ve been used to, all the while creating a pair of fantastic leading ladies in Chloe and Nadine. If this is an indication of what a post Nathan Drake Uncharted universe looks like, you can count us in.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Until Dawn

On first inspection, the cheese-filled teen slasher genre would seem to be difficult to replicate effectively in the confines of a videogame, and yet, in 2015, that’s just what Supermassive Games achieved with Until Dawn. An interactive adventure not unlike Telltale Games The Walking Dead or Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, Until Dawn doubled down on the non-linear aspects of those games by employing the Butterfly Effect mechanic which allows players to create numerous different scenarios and exponentially numerous outcomes.

Best PS4 Exclusives 15
Best PS4 Exclusives: The motion captured performances in Until Dawn are always entertaining.

Truthfully though, what Until Dawn gets the most right is how fully it embraces its fabulously schlocky premise as players struggle to keep a group of mostly annoying, yet always entertaining college teens alive in the face of deranged serial killer whilst staying at an isolated mountaintop residence. Naturally, the first time you’ll fail to save everyone and it’s here that Until Dawn lays its hooks into you as you attempt repeated playthroughs and try different choices to get everyone home in one piece.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Wipeout Omega Collection

The stylish poster child of the PSOne era with its neon lit visuals, pulse-pounding techno music and face-tearingly fast races, Wipeout has always been synonymous with the PlayStation brand and in the Wipeout Omega Collection, a trio of the series best entries have been given a fresh coat of paint for newbies and veterans alike to enjoy.

Best PS4 Exclusives 17
Best PS4 Exclusives: Wipeout Omega Collection looks absolutely tremendous running in 4K on PS4 Pro.

Including remasters of Wipeout HD, the Wipeout HD Fury expansion and Wipeout 2048, the Omega Collection offers up 26 unique tracks, 46 different craft to race on them with and showcases the whole thing with a boatload of extra detail all rendered at 1080p (4K for PS4 Pro owners)and 60 frames per second. Look, it’s quite simple; if you have a thing for racing sci-fi craft at extremely high speeds across a variety of gorgeous looking tracks then Wipeout Omega Collection will be your bag, ridiculously so, in fact.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Yakuza 0

Representing a swaggering, whiskey-addled and tattooed headbutt to the family jewels of the JRPG genre, Yakuza 0 is a tremendous marriage of traditional JRPG genre beats and action adventure elements the likes of which we’re not really accustomed to. Casting players as a younger, less experienced version of longtime series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, Yakuza 0 charts the beginning of Kiryu’s career in the Japanese mafia as he rises through its ranks and is exposed to the corruption that lay within.

Best PS4 Exclusives 16
Best PS4 Exclusives: You can do just about everything in Yakuza 0, including slot car racing. Yes, slot car racing.

Aside from boasting a thoroughly engaging narrative and a brilliantly realised cast of characters, the true quality of Yakuza 0 can be measured in both the freedom it affords the player to explore the rain dappled streets of its Kamurocho game world and also in how it deftly balances the serious with the absurd. In one instance, you could find yourself trying out different types of whiskey in a local bar before stumbling outside for a fight that results in you clubbing someone half to death with a nearby bicycle. In another, you could be managing a hostess club, setting someone up on a date or teaching dominatrix how to ply her trade. Clocking in at over 80 hours long and absolutely stuffed with things to do with an often hilarious sense of humour running through it all, Yakuza 0 is the best game you’ve never played. Rectify that. Now.

Best PS4 Exclusives: Yakuza Kiwami

A from the ground up remake of the original Yakuza title which released on the PS2 back in 2005, Yakuza Kiwami reimagines that first game in the series with verve; swapping out the archaic combat for the new multi fighting style mechanics seen in Yakuza 0 and remodelling the entire experience to look like a contemporary PS4 title.

Best PS4 Exclusives 18
Best PS4 Exclusives: The combat in Yakuza Kiwami is never anything less than hugely satisfying.

Naturally progressing on from Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami also chucks in an additional 30 minutes of additional cutscenes and narrative content to bring it in line with the new story developments of that aforementioned title. An ostensibly leaner experience when compared to the superlative Yakuza 0, although one which has the budget price point to match, Yakuza Kiwami nonetheless secures its place as one of the better exclusives you can buy for PS4 with breathtaking ease.

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        Crash is indeed remaining exclusive, and I’m yet to see any evidence of plans for it to become available elsewhere. Though I agree that referring to PC games as PlayStation exclusives is foolish and we shouldn’t be stooping to Microsoft’s level. But in that regard, no PlayStation game is exclusive anymore, because allowing PlayStation Now to be available on PC completely circumvents that and makes all PlayStation games into PC games.

  • Beasley2K

    Not only should soon-to-be multiplatform games be ommitted from the list, but I feel like including ports and collections does nothing but devalue this piece.

    Collections and remasters are nothing more than ports from previous consoles and shouldn’t be be used as a selling point for the PS4. Full remakes are permissible, but including mere ports of games that are on other PlayStation consoles, or even other platforms in general, makes a mockery of this list.

    There are more than enough true exclusives that can be included that put PC and Xbox to shame without resorting to half these games.