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Best PSVR Games – Sublime PSVR Games That Everyone Should Play

Best PSVR Games

With PSVR recently celebrating over two million units sold on its first birthday, there are no shortage of games available for Sony’s VR headset. To help you separate the good from the bad, we’ve whipped up a quick and handy guide to the best PSVR games you can currently buy.

Without further ado!

Updated 15/04/2018 – Added Wipeout Omega Collection

Best PSVR Games – Batman: Arkham VR

Read the Batman: Arkham VR review.

Something that many reviews of Batman games have often said is that you can “be the Batman”, and in truth, I’m not sure any further non-VR can really say that anymore because in Batman: Arkham VR, you really do feel like the Batman.

Best PSVR Games 01
Best PSVR games – Batman: Arkham VR combines the thrill of being Batman with a completely brand new story that takes players to some unexpected places.

A true fulfilment of superhero fantasy, Batman: Arkham VR embraces the sleuthing aspects of the World’s Greatest Detective. Eschewing fisticuffs for fancy gadgets, Arkham VR has players using a combination of head tracking and gesture controls to solve mysteries that take them from the depths of the Bat-cave and out into the Gotham streets beyond, where they’ll tangle with iconic villains such as The Penguin and other unsavoury characters from the pages of DC Comics.

It’s also tremendously immersive; a particular scene when you look into a mirror and see Batman staring back at you, reacting to every little movement and slight twitch of your head, remains a true gaming moment. In short, no PSVR collection is complete without Rocksteady Studios cracking Batman: Arkham VR.

Best PSVR Games – DOOM VFR

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Of all the games to be ported to PSVR, DOOM always seemed to be one that might be compromised the most. The final result however, is quite the opposite to say the least.

Best PSVR Games 02
Best PSVR Games – DOOM VFR brings the fast paced and beautiful ultra-violence of gaming’s most legendary FPS franchise kicking and screaming onto PSVR.

Without exaggeration DOOM VFR captures the breakneck fury and thunder of  its 2016 non-VR counterpart with aplomb. Everything is here; from the strumming, pulse pounding soundtrack to the shotguns, rocket launchers, BFGs and everything else you could ask for from a DOOM game. Make no mistake, DOOM VFR is an unerringly true ode to the godfather of the FPS, and one that utilises PSVR to bring a new dimension of hyperkinetic ultra-violence that no PSVR owner should be without.

Best PSVR Games – Moss

Read the Moss review.

With her cute floppy ears, inquisitively twitching nose and determined expression, little mouse heroine Quill was perhaps until now the most unlikely mascot Sony could have had for PSVR, and yet that’s exactly the position she finds herself in with the release of Moss, arguably one of the best PSVR games to date.

Best PSVR Games 12
Best PSVR Games: Moss is one of the most charming and eminently enjoyable platformers you will ever play.

As the diminutive and charming Quill, players must guide her through a fairy-tale world in order to rescue her uncle and banish an ancient evil from the world. Framed as a third-person platformer with puzzle solving elements, Moss is a visually arresting effort that leverages PSVR’s head tracking capabilities to enable the player to peer over and underneath the environment to discover all manner of crucial items and secrets. Moss is utterly essential.

Best PSVR Games – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Read the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review.

It’s commendable that not only did Resident Evil 7: Biohazard mark a fresh start for Capcom’s venerable survival horror franchise, but also that it gave the PSVR one of its best games in the process.

Best PSVR Games 03
Best PSVR games – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is hands down the most terrifying game on PSVR.

Rather than some curtailed morsel, the entirety of the full fat Resident Evil 7: Biohazard experience is completely replicated and in doing so, presents itself as perhaps the singularly most terrifying experience PSVR can currently offer. If you want to impress your friends and convince them to buy a PSVR, just get them to spend 30 minutes with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on PSVR. It’ll work – trust me.

Best PSVR Games – Rez Infinite

Read the Rez Infinite review.

What happens when you take one of the best games ever and stick it on PSVR? The answer is predictably simple; you end up with one of the best games ever, in VR. A staggering achievement on just about every level, Rez Infinite channels everything that was great about the PS2 original into what ends up being the best Rez ever.

Best PSVR Games 04
Best PSVR games – Rez Infinite is simply essential on PSVR.

Boasting near abyssal depth, a rip-roaring thudding soundtrack and some of the most accessible yet challenging gameplay money can buy, Rez Infinite is an essential purchase for PSVR owners everywhere. Don’t miss out on this one.

Best PSVR Games – Robinson: The Journey

Read the Robinson: The Journey review.

Of all the games in this article, none come as close to thrusting the player so convincingly into a virtual world than Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey. With arguably the best visuals on PSVR (the PS4 Pro version is simply stunning) Robinson: The Journey fashions a sense of place quite unlike any other; the sensation of watching a colossal Brontosaur crane its massive neck around as it slowly thunders past proving to be a revelation to say the least.

Best PSVR games 05
Best PSVR games – Robinson: The Journey is the closest we will likely ever get to Jurassic Park on PSVR.

With an expansive environment that begs to be explored and some really cleverly implemented traversal and player movement systems, Robinson: The Journey is the game that you want to bring out when you’re showing off your shiny new PSVR. I mean come on now, it’s basically Jurassic Park in VR for all intents and purposes. What’s not to like?

Best PSVR Games – Skyrim VR

Read our Skyrim VR hands-on impressions.

With the advent of VR technology, the imagination has always been captured by the notion of being able to step into worlds that we’ve enjoyed in non-VR games. At the top of that list for most people was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and much like what Capcom achieved with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Bethesda have also managed to fit a comprise-free version of Skyrim on PSVR.

Best PSVR Games 06
Best PSVR games – Skyrim VR brilliantly realises the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in VR.

Let’s think about that for a second; Skyrim in VR. Imagine peering over the Throat of the World, or, stalking through the ornate walls of the Sky Haven Temple as if you were actually there. Skyrim VR is the real deal and certainly cements its place as one of the best PSVR games available right now.

Best PSVR Games – Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Read the Star Trek: Bridge Crew review.

There’s no getting around it – Star Trek: Bridge Crew does a fantastic job of making you feel like you are in control of a Federation starship. Everything from the computer displays to the sounds that the ship makes all seem to have been pulled directly from the TV show and thrust into your PSVR headset.

Best PSVR games_11
Best PSVR games: In every way that counts, Star Trek: Bridge Crew on PSVR brilliantly captures the look and inner workings of a Federation starship. Star Trek fans should be salivating right now.

What’s most surprising about Star Trek: Bridge Crew however is the depth of the game that lurks beneath its enticing exterior. A true test of micromanagement and strategy, Star Trek: Bridge Crew will have you and your friends shouting orders to adjust power to the engines, hail incoming ships and investigate mysterious space anomalies just like the real show. For both PSVR owning Star Trek fans, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is simply essential.

Best PSVR Games – Superhot VR

Read the Superhot VR review.

Imagine if someone made a game based on The Matrix. Now, imagine someone decided to take that game and use PSVR to bring it to life. This is Superhot VR; a game where you can dodge a bullet, toss a bottle at your assailant, catch the gun from his collapsing corpse and then spin around and shoot another would-be murderer trying to creep up on you, all in one smooth, badass motion.

Best PSVR games 07
Best PSVR games – Superhot VR is literally The Matrix on PSVR. It really is. The feeling of badassery is palpable to say the least.

Without question, Superhot VR effortlessly makes its case as one of the best PSVR games you can buy right now. It’s that simple – stop reading this and go out and buy it.

Best PSVR Games – Tethered

Read the Tethered review.

A towering example of how you should do the god sim in VR, Tethered leverages the immersive capabilities of PSVR to create something highly unique for the platform. Sticking players in the cloudy shoes of an unseen deity, Tethered has folks quite literally tethering its lombax-like creatures to complete a number of tasks, such as foraging for food, fighting enemies and building structures.

Best PSVR games 08
Best PSVR games – Tethered is a breath of fresh air for PSVR; a wonderfully constructed god sim that oozes charm, character and depth.

With an expansive construction tree available, not to mention a wide variety of different units to use and levels to conquer, Tethered is a fantastic strategy and resource management affair that will hopefully serve as a beacon for other like-minded efforts to find their way onto Sony’s Virtual Reality platform.

Best PSVR Games – The Invisible Hours

Read the The Invisible Hours review.

Without a doubt, PSVR is capable of supporting some truly transformative storytelling experiences, and at the vanguard of this boast is The Invisible Hours. As an invisible, time manipulating observer, you are tasked with following a number of guests around a windswept manor in order to discover which one is responsible for murdering the mansion’s host.

Best PSVR games 10
Best PSVR games – The Invisible Hours offers a delectable, story-based experience that is utterly unique on PSVR.

Beautifully acted and breathlessly immersive, The Invisible Hours is a true slice of mature and involving virtual theatre the likes of which PSVR has yet to see elsewhere. One of the best PSVR games? Certainly.

Best PSVR Games – Wipeout Omega Collection

Read the Wipeout Omega Collection review.

In retrospect, the Wipeout Omega Collection seems like it should have been on PSVR all along. Ported by a brave team of just five(!) people, Wipeout Omega Collection on PSVR isn’t just some throwaway, afterthought PSVR mode that has been tenderly engineered to skip around PSVR’s perceived strengths and weaknesses, it is the *whole* experience brought kicking and screaming onto PSVR without compromise.

Best PSVR Games 13
Best PSVR Games – Wipeout Omega Collection is arguably one of the meatiest, most complete games on PSVR.

Wipeout Omega Collection simply feels like a revelation when experienced in virtual reality, with the additional immersion afforded by PSVR being employed to give Wipeout a raw kind of viscera and sense of speed it simply never had before. Whether you’re leaning into corners, gripping the sofa tight as you reach top-speed or using PSVR’s head tracking capabilities to peer into upcoming corners in order to judge their curvature, Wipeout has never been or felt as good as this.

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