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The WipEout Omega Collection PSVR Support Was Done By Only Five People

When the Wipeout Omega Collection released last year it was easily one of the best looking enhanced for PS4 Pro games running at 60 FPS in stunning 4K with HDR support. A special motion blur rendering was introduced to the remastered collection that gives the player a heightened sense of speed but EPOS and Sony XDEV wanted to provide the ultimate Wipeout experience and recently added PSVR support.

If you have been on the fence about getting a PSVR, the Wipeout Omega Collection might just be the killer app that convinces you. It's an intense fast-paced adventure that sets a new standard in VR gaming. For those of you that are uninitiated or suffer VR nausea, there's a stabilized cockpit that moves independently of the ship ensuring your perceived horizon stays level to the track surface, while the ship's body rotates around you naturally. If Wipeout isn't your first VR rodeo, you can race with a locked cockpit so you can feel every twist and turn. There's also a classic mode with a third person camera.

You would think that porting Wipeout perfectly to VR would be a Herculean task that would require many devs but during a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything a fan asked Sony XDEV's Johnny Mack how big was the team responsible for the update and how long it took to implement PSVR support. Surprisingly only five ninjas were used in the making of Wipeout PSVR update. Check out Mack's response below.

“[It took] just two people at EPOS, Staffan and Daniel, both whizzes at what they do,” he revealed. “Xdev, just me and support from ace producers Mark and Claire (who is a demon at WO) I think we started in June last year, and we were essentially ready in November. However then we had lot's of dreaded bugs and consultation feedback to implement warnings etc. We wrapped up late Feb before deciding to launch at a big VR event in London last week.”

The Wipeout Omega Collection PSVR support is available through a free update.