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Wipeout PSVR Update Zooms Onto Omega Collection

wipeout psvr update

The Wipeout PSVR update has launched today in the Wipeout Omega Collection. All content and modes in the Omega Collection will now be supported in VR.

The Wipeout PSVR update was first revealed in a trailer at PlayStation Experience .The trailer highlighted fast-paced, frenetic gameplay from the cockpit. There’s now a new launch trailer for it you can view below.

The Wipeout PSVR update is applied to the existing game. In other words, if you own Wipeout Omega Collection and the PSVR headset, you’ll be able to play in VR.

John McLaughlin, Senior Producer at Sony XDev aso revealed what else is new with the update.

We've added three new VR exclusive ships in HD, Fury and 2048 classes for those with PS VR headsets. Look in amazement as you are placed into a cockpit and can zip around your favourite tracks from a brand new perspective.

Not only that but you can also enjoy the game's soundscape in full 3D audio, making this the most immersive way to play Wipeout. The update will also feature the new remix of Shake It by competition winner Vieille Griffe.

If you’re wondering if the Wipeout PSVR update works, Digital Foundry confirm it’s a fantastic VR title, but a real test of you virtual reality chops…and stomach.

One word of warning though: this is extreme stuff with fast motion that may cause issues for many users. You’ll need definitely need your VR legs to deal with this experience. Personally, I played the game three races at a time before taking a break in order to make the intense experience a bit more manageable. Interestingly, warnings appear to inform you of potential motion sickness issues (for example, using the 180 degrees switch in Fury Eliminator rounds) while some of the more extreme courses also bring up warnings and even turn on pilot assist – which you can disable if you want.

They also not the game looks beautiful in VR, with the PS4 Pro version especially coming up smelling of roses.

Wipeout Omega Collection released in summer 2017. Our review praised its incredible sense of style and action.

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