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Best PS5 Games Ranked – 36 Of The Best PlayStation 5 Games In 2024

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Best PS5 Games ranked, Best PS5 Games Out Now, Best PS5 GamesJust what are the best PS5 games money can buy? There are so many great games that you can buy for the PlayStation 5 and so with that in mind we’ve created this constantly updated list of the best PS5 games of all time. For some additional reading you might want to feast your eyes on our PS5 complete guide which tells you everything about the console, as well as our first party PS5 games guide.

Furthermore, we also have features that cover the best PS5 indie games, best PS5 exclusives, best PS5 FPS games, best free PS5 games, best PS5 kids games and best PS5 split-screen games too. You can also catch the best upcoming PS5 games in 2024, along with our 2024 PS5 release calendar so you don’t miss a single new PS5 release. There’s not one game in this feature which scores less than 9 out of 10, so without further ado here are the best PS5 games.

Best PS5 Games Ever Ranked – A Complete List

Best PS5 Games Ranked:

  1. Baldur’s Gate 3
  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
  3. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered
  4. God of War Ragnarok
  5. The Talos Principle 2
  6. Demon’s Souls
  7. Elden Ring
  8. Deathloop
  9. Hades
  10. Horizon Forbidden West
  11. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  12. Chivalry 2
  13. Sackboy: A Big Adventure
  14. Astro’s Playroom
  15. Control: Ultimate Edition
  16. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
  17. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2
  18. The Last of Us Part I
  19. Gran Turismo 7
  20. Returnal
  21. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  22. A Plague Tale: Requiem
  23. Nioh Collection
  24. Hitman 3
  25. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered
  26. Borderlands 3
  27. Destiny 2
  28. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
  29. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
  30. The Pathless
  31. The Falconeer: Warrior Edition
  32. Maquette
  33. The Pedestrian
  34. Warframe
  35. WRC 9
  36. Stray

1. Best PS5 Games – Baldur’s Gate 3

A breathlessly ambitious RPG that once more thrusts players back into the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a consummate triumph of incredible storytelling, near boundless player agency and some of the most downright enjoyable tactical combat ever seen in an RPG. Throw in online cooperative play, potentially thousands of hours of play and some frankly incredible world building that puts just about every other RPG out there to shame and it’s clear that Baldur’s Gate 3 is the best PS5 game you can buy right now.

best ps5 games baldurs gate 3

2. Best PS5 Games – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Ranked as PlayStation Universe’s Game of the Year for 2023, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the best superhero game in decades and it isn’t even close. A rip-roaring superhero sequel that not only allows players to switch between New York City’s neighbourhood Spider-Men (Peter Parker and Miles Morales) on the move, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ups the stakes in every conceivable way, delivering a spectacle stuffed showcase that not only shows off that the PS5 is still very much capable on delivering some incredible, eye-popping visuals, but also convey a wonderfully written story that remembers that superheroes can be super in the micro as well as the macro.

best ps5 games marvels spider-man 2

3. Best PS5 Games – The Last Of Us 2 Remastered

Not just 2020’s Game of the Year but one of the best games ever released on a PlayStation platform, The Last of Us Part 2 was a perfect example of Sony’s first-party machine firing on all cylinders as it showcased generation defining visuals and the sort of high production value, harrowing and deeply emotional single-player story campaign that will stay with you days, weeks, months and even years after the credits have rolled. Re-released on PlayStation 5, The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered isn’t just a run-of-the-mill re-release of a game that only released a few years prior, since it also includes a whole load of previously cut content and levels, exclusive developer commentaries and the absolutely incredible ‘No Return’ mode which is a separate, single-player roguelike scenario that has you murdering your way through waves of enemies in randomised maps that have equally randomised conditions and modifications to boot. This is quite simply the definitive version of one of the best PlayStation games ever made.

best ps5 games the last of us part 2 remastered

4. Best PS5 Games – God of War Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok is the perfect sequel. A carefully iterative offering that beautifully maintains the essence of 2018’s Game of the Year while making meaningful improvements to augment its already stellar combat and progression systems, God of War: Ragnarok is a meaty and deeply emotional epic that effortlessly secures its place as one of the best games on PS5 and a sure-fire Game of the Year candidate.

best ps5 games ranked god of war ragnarok

5. Best PS5 Games – The Talos Principle 2

The Talos Principle 2 is precisely how you create a generation defining puzzle adventure. A brain-tickling fusion of heady sci-fi and legitimately challenging logical and spatial conundrums, The Talos Principle 2 whisks players off to a far-flung future where even though Humanity has long since been extinct, a group of robots are committed to exploring the history of human civilisation until an encounter with a mysterious entry throws the very nature of their existence into crisis. Drowning in intelligent puzzles, thought provoking philosophy and some stunning Unreal Engine 5 powered visuals, The Talos Principle 2 is easily the best puzzle adventure you can get for PS5 right now.

best ps5 games the talos principle 2

6. Best PS5 Games – Demon’s Souls

Look, there’s no getting around it – Demon’s Souls is the best game you can get on PS5 right now. A from the ground up full remake of From Software’s PS3 game of the same name, Demon’s Souls looks every bit the sort of next-generation action RPG one would hope. Challenging, beautiful and with hours upon hours of gameplay, Demon’s Souls is a must for fans of the Dark Souls games and well, just games in general. It doesn’t get much better than this PS5 exclusive.

PS5 Exclusives Demon's Souls

7. Best PS5 Games – Elden Ring

Elden Ring represents an unholy fusion between the Dark Souls action RPG template that FROM Software pioneered and open world design to create not only one of the very best PS5 games money can buy, but one of the best games of the last decade full stop. Thrust into a world full of danger and discovery, Elden Ring represents an extraordinary evolution of the Dark Souls design bedrock that everybody needs to play.

best ps5 games elden ring

8. Best PS5 Games – Deathloop

While Arkane Lyon no longer make PlayStation games on account of their absorption into Microsoft’s fold, it’s perhaps then quite fitting that their swansong for PlayStation 5 is Deathloop, a stunningly ambitious FPS that blends together the studio’s penchant for physical shooter goodness with elements of roguelike design. As an assassin looking to break a timeloop on an island tailor built for nihilistic hedonism, Deathloop has players re-living the same day over and over – but gaining new powers, clues and insights into the story with each rise of the morning sun. Witty, stuffed full of clever dialogue, endlessly experimental and dripping into retrofuturism, Deathloop is as essential as it gets.

best ps5 games deathloop

9. Best PS5 Games – Hades

Can Supergiant Games do no wrong? Currently four for, well, four, the talented team of folks behind the likes of Bastion, Transistor and Pyre has now realized its magnum opus in Hades, a gorgeously framed isometric roguelike that has you fighting your well out of the titular Greek mythological underworld as you encounter all manner of Ancient Greek gods and other mysterious figures. With hugely satisfying combat, roguelike design that always keeps on rewarding the player and some legitimately hilarious dialogue, Hades is *easily* one of the best games you can get on PS5.

best ps5 games hades

10. Best PS5 Games – Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West not only furthers the narrative of one of PlayStation’s most recognisable icons, but also manages to reassure PlayStation gamers of the rude health of PlayStation Studios sterling reputation for creating stunning first-party, single-player adventures. A beautifully crafted open world adventure sequel that has our heroine Aloy fighting with not only a range of vicious machines, but a new and very deadly human enemy, in every way that it can be, Horizon Forbidden West is Horizon Zero Dawn 2.0 and while I might crave some more variety in its open-world activities, Guerrilla Games has nonetheless crafted a triumphant sequel that earns its place among the very best that PlayStation Studios has to offer.

best ps5 games horizon forbidden west

11. Best PS5 Games – Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

Coming from the same publisher which manage to bungle a fellow Marvel property in Marvel’s Avengers, it’s perhaps fair to say that many folks didn’t hold out much hope for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Wonderfully – nothing could be further from the truth. Filled to the brim with excellently written takes on characters that all we know and love, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy feels akin to a much more laid back and dare I say, much more fun, take on Mass Effect but with some truly superb writing, world building and soundtrack strong enough to punch a hole in the planet. Quite simply, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy might just be the best comic book adaptation on PlayStation 5.

best ps5 games marvels guardians of the galaxy

12. Best PS5 Games – Chivalry 2

An absolutely mad game that feels like a delightfully off-kilter combination of Battlefield and Monty Python, Chivalry 2 has you and up to 63 other players smashing each other to pieces and beheading one another in a massive online battlefield that swaps guns for swords, grenades for oil bombs and rocket launchers for, well, flaming chickens and lumps of hardened bread. An endlessly enjoyable affair built around a deceptively sophisticated melee combat system, Chivalry 2 is the most fun we’ve had online for *years*.

best ps5 games ranked chivalry 2

13. Best PS5 Games – Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Blessed with his very own game, LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy gets his very own big adventure on PlayStation 5 and what a stupendously entertaining affair it is. Sackboy: A Big Adventure combines wholesome characters and story with pixel-perfect platforming and an abundance of character to create one of the best platformers you can get on PS5, or well, anywhere else. If you like platformer games, you really don’t want to miss out on Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

PS5 Exclusives Sackboy A Big Adventure

14. Best PS5 Games – Astro’s Playroom

A stunning platformer for all ages, Astro’s Playroom comes free with every PlayStation 5 console and is a stunning display of what Sony’s latest home console is capable of. Boasting strikingly beautiful visuals, superb platforming and ample use of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, Astro’s Playroom is quite simply great fun.

PS5 Exclusive Astros Palyroom

15. Best PS5 Games – Control: Ultimate Edition

Part of the February 2021 PlayStation Plus line-up, Control: Ultimate Edition finally realises the potential of Remedy’s stunning third-person shooter, with support for ray traced visuals and a buttery smooth 60 FPS performance mode. As Jessie Faden, players will venture down in the depths of the Oldest House, a place where an unspeakable evil from another reality has opened a series breaches into our world. Stunning to look at and endlessly innovative, Control: Ultimate Edition comes with all of the DLC for Control and is essential for PS5 owners everywhere.

best PS5 games control ultimate edition

16. Best PS5 Games – Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Crash Bandicoot’s grand fourth adventure has never looked or played better than it has on PS5. With razor sharp 4K visuals at a super smooth 60 FPS, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a wild platform adventure that fans both new and old will absolutely enjoy. Make no mistake; Crash Bandicoot 4 is probably the best platform game on PS5 right now.

best ps5 games crash bandicoot 4

17. Best PS5 Games – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 was great on PS4, but on PS5 it’s even better. With both legendary Tony Hawk’s games in one pack (along with the same earworm soundtracks from back in the day), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 excels on PS5 with 4K/60 FPS visuals, support for 120 FPS and subtle support for the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This is as good as video game skateboarding will get for quite some time.

best ps5 games tony hawks pro skater 1 + 2

18. Best PS5 Games – The Last Of Us Part I

There’s no denying that The Last of Us Part I might be a tough sell to folks who expected a reworked content offering in line with the overhauled audiovisual presentation and other technical advances. For those with accessibility needs, the lucky few who have yet to experience The Last of Us or even just the number of players who want to immerse themselves in the ultimate form of Naughty Dog’s opus, The Last of Us Part I makes a more than compelling case for its existence and stands shoulder to shoulder with the best games on PS5.

best ps5 games the last of us part i

19. Best PS5 Games – Gran Turismo 7

Though Gran Turismo 7 certainly carries the baggage of some of the weaker elements from previous games, a steadfast return to the generous single-player campaign offerings of old, together with a significantly upgraded visual presentation and most importantly a deeply felt love for cars that bleeds through every aspect of the game all ensures that one single statement is true – Gran Turismo is back. Make no mistake, Gran Turismo 7 isn’t just one of the best PS5 racing games, but also one of the best PS5 games money can buy. Period.

best ps5 games gran turismo 7

20. Best PS5 Games – Returnal

The most ambitious project to date from arcade shooter savants Housemarque, Returnal blends best in class third-person shooter action together with a deeply involving storyline, arresting visuals and clever roguelike mechanics to create one of the best PS5 exclusives to date.

best ps5 games ranked returnal

21. Best PS5 Games – Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

An epic standalone effort that is roughly the same size as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales continues the story from one of the PS4’s best exclusives in Marvel’s Spider-Man. As a newly minted superhero struggling to come to terms with his powers, players will step into the webbed shoes of Miles Morales as he swings around the neighbourhood, dealing with bad guys in a much better paced take on the classic Marvel hero than Spider-Man’s outing in 2018. Oh and it doesn’t hurt either that the game supports high fidelity visuals, ray tracing and 60 FPS animation too.

PS5 Exclusives Spider-Man Miles Morales

22. Best PS5 Games – A Plague Tale: Requiem

Continuing the harrowing story of A Plague Tale: Innocence, Requiem once again puts players in control of Amicia and Hugo, a pair of wayward siblings in Dark Ages France looking for freedom as they find themselves sought out by a mysterious order that wishes to leverage their mass-rat controlling powers.

best ps5 games a plague tale requiem

Dark, relentlessly grim and yet utterly beautiful, A Plague Tale: Requiem doubles down on everything that made the first game so very memorable, crafting an essential sequel that easily earns its place as one of the best third-person stealth horror adventures ever and certainly one of the best PS5 horror games you can buy right now.

23. Best PS5 Games – Nioh Collection

Team Ninja’s superb Nioh and Nioh 2 slice their way onto PS5 in what is arguably the definitive way to play these games. Including Nioh 1 and Nioh 2, together with all the DLC and extra story content for both games, the Nioh Collection is a must-have for fans of action adventure and Soulslike games everywhere. Why you ask? Well, it has some of the most imaginative enemies you’ll ever face, superbly sophisticated combat and 4K/60 and 120 FPS visual modes to boot.

best ps5 games nioh collection

24. Best PS5 Games – Hitman 3

IO Interactive’s World of Assassination series comes to a close with Hitman 3 on PlayStation 5. Boasting some of the largest and most imaginative levels seen in the series to date, along with some truly eye-opening locations and visuals, Hitman 3 isn’t just the best game in the series, it’s also one of the finest third-person stealth action titles money can buy too.

best ps5 games hitman 3

25. Best PS5 Games – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

The absolute best version of the 2018 PS4 release, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered rocks up to PS5 with a variety of visual improvements, including ray tracing and 60 FPS, but it also crams in all the previously released DLC and expansion content too. Even today, Marvel’s Spider-Man stands up extremely well as a superbly epic action adventure and PS5 breathes a whole lot of new life into this timeless PlayStation exclusive.

Best PS5 Exclusives Spider-Man Remastered

26. Best PS5 Games – Borderlands 3

Arguably the best version of Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software’s premier looter shooter storms onto PlayStation 5 with 120 FPS support, 4K/60 support and split-screen support to boot. More than that, Borderlands 3 is just a hugely enjoyable FPS with humor, loot and guns to spare. Honestly, get some friends into the mix and you can’t really go wrong with Borderlands 3 on PS5.

best PS5 games borderlands 3

27. Best PS5 Games – Destiny 2

The arrival of Destiny 2 on PS5 couldn’t be more ambitious. In addition to including the Destiny 2’s new free to play module, Destiny 2 on PS5 also packs in 4K/60 visuals with 120 FPS supported during the competitive Iron Crucible mode. A galaxy spanning FPS with RPG overtones, Destiny has gone from strength to strength since its release back in 2014 on PlayStation 4. Now arguably in its finest form on PS5, Destiny 2 is a great way to get started with Bungie’s monster blasting epic and see what all the fuss is about; especially now that you don’t have to pay a dime to do so.

best ps5 games destiny 2

28. Best PS5 Games – Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

The definitive version of Capcom’s latest Devil May Cry effort, Devil May Cry 5 is astounding on PlayStation 5. Boasting gorgeous 4K/60 and 120 FPS visual modes, Devil May Cry 5 remains an absolute adrenaline ride with badass sword and gun wielding characters doing badass things to badass monsters. Look, just play it OK? You won’t regret it.

best ps5 games devil may cry 5 special edition

29. Best PS5 Games – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The latest effort in Ubisoft’s long running Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla whisks players off to 9th century England during the time of the Viking invasion. As one of those Vikings, you’ll storm across the country in an epic saga that showcases some of the best combat and visuals the series has ever seen.

best ps5 games assassins creed valhalla

30. Best PS5 Games – The Pathless

As a master archer shipwrecked on a mysterious island with a faithful eagle, The Pathless tasks players with discovering the corruption which is afflicting the area before it spreads to the rest of the world. With liquid smooth animation and precision archery, The Pathless is a spellbinding open world, indie third person adventure that will keep you gripped right to the end as you destroy evil spirits and restore balance to the world.

best ps5 games the pathless

31. Best PS5 Games – The Falconeer: Warrior Edition

Soar above the clouds on an endlessly graceful yet deadly warbird as you wage war against hostile forces looking to destroy the world in this superb action effort that redefines third-person aerial combat. With superb world building and cant-put-down controls, it also doesn’t hurt that The Falconeer: Warrior Edition on PS5 boasts all the released DLC to date, too.

best ps5 games the falconeer

32. Best PS5 Games – Maquette

Graceful Decay’s beguiling puzzler is quite the odd treat for PS5 owners to say the least. A stunningly innovative visual puzzle game where proportions both large and small can be easily conflated, Maquette really makes you question what your eyes see and forces you to think out of the box in ways that you might not have expected. Easy on the eyes and hugely clever, Maquette will satisfy PS5 gamers everywhere looking for a good puzzler.

best ps5 games maquette

33. Best PS5 Games – The Pedestrian

A brilliantly innovative little puzzler, The Pedestrian has you leaping and tumbling through various platforming boxes in a bid to the reach the end of each level in the game. The kicker here though, is each of these boxes is actually drawn onto a sign which must be re-arranged with other signs in order to allow you to succeed. Clever and oddly beautiful, The Pedestrian is a more than worthwhile prospect for folks that like to combine puzzle solving and platforming in equal measure.

best PS5 games the pedestrian

34. Best PS5 Games – Warframe

With lightning quick loading times and razor sharp 4K visuals running at 60 frames per second, Warframe has never looked or played better than it has on PS5. As a Tenno (basically a space ninja), Warframe is a massive free-to-play MMOFPS which takes you from one side of the galaxy to the other, completing missions, conquering raids and defeating bosses as you upgrade your Tenno to near limitless proportions. There’s a reason why Warframe has lasted nearly a decade, so why not take a look at what all the fuss is about? After all, it won’t cost you a dime.

best PS5 games warframe

35. Best PS5 Games – WRC 9

For rally fans, WRC 9 is the pinnacle of racing games on PS5. With in-depth weather, time of day and physics simulation, WRC 9 is a compellingly realistic rally title that absolutely sings on PS5, thanks to its native 4K resolution and 60 FPS visuals and keenly felt DualSense enhancements. If you’re after a great, solid and realistic rally game for your PlayStation 5 console, your search is over.

best ps5 games wrc9

36. Best PS5 Games – Stray

They say curiosity killed the cat – what they didn’t tell you is that curiosity may have also had the cat stumbling upon a neon-soaked underworld ravaged by a pandemic and replete with a wide array of skittish robots. But that’s exactly where curiosity has led the cat in Stray, French developer BlueTwelve Studio‘s maiden voyage into video game development. And what a voyage it’s turned out to be.

best ps5 games stray

Stray has managed to meet the lofty expectations put upon it once it became known that you would take control of a lone cat within a dystopia punctuated by scores of neon lighting. While some may say that it’s hard to miss with a setup like that, what developer BlueTwelve Studio has managed to fashion from the composite parts is something truly special and has us yearning for more.