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Deathloop Still Remains PS5 Console Exclusive In Wake Of Microsoft Acquisition Of Bethesda

The Arkane Lyon-developed Deathloop is still going to be a console exclusive to the PS5, publisher Bethesda has reiterated in the latest issue of Game Informer.

Bethesda’s statement comes in wake of its acquisition at the hands of Microsoft, which will result in some future games published by the company ended up as PC and Xbox exclusives. For Deathloop however, nothing has changed.

The acquisition hasn’t affected day-to-day development of Deathloop, which we’re developing exclusively for PlayStation 5 on console and also PC.

Deathloop is scheduled for release on PS5 and PC on May 21, 2021, and is the latest cover game for Game Informer, so expect more news to start to trickle in soon enough. Bethesda’s above statement indicates that there’s no plans for an Xbox Series X/S version at this point in time.

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You can now listen to the game’s theme song Déjà Vu on Spotify.