Meet the infected in new The Last of Us trailer

The latest trailer for The Last of Us introduces us to the different types of infected Joel and Ellie will encounter throughout the game.

The fungal infection takes control of human bodies in stages. Stage one victims are not in control of their actions, as the fungus makes them chase after new hosts for spores.The last remains of their humanity can only be heard in cries of pain and anguish. Stage three infected are known as Clickers as the creatures are barely recognizable and navigate by echolocation. One hit from these guys and it’s game over.

Scavenging supplies, like blades and binding, alcohol and rags, sugar and explosive materials, is critical to survival, as is crafting medical kits, shivs, upgraded wood planks and crowbars. Ammunition for firearms is scarce, so stealth and melee attacks play a big part in combat.

The Last of Us is due out on May 7, exclusively on PlayStation 3.