Mega Man Powered Up may grace PS Vita, PSP yet

A once-denied PlayStation Portable title that went by the wayside a few years ago may grace a PlayStation handheld yet. That title is called Mega Man Powered Up.

Apparently, technical issues were the reasons that this PlayStation Network Mega Man title never got off the ground. However, in the Capcom forums, a user asked on the possibility of it making a reappearance. Well, Capcom surely answered:

"Funny you should ask as I just raised this in our digital sales meeting on Monday. I have in my possession, the two rejection letters from SCEE and SCEA about the digital versions of the game Sony made hanging at the title screen on PSP back in some older version of the firmware. 

With Vita out and several PSP firmware revisions since then, we’re going to reengage with Sony again and see if anything has changed.  No promises as it’s not in our hands. :/"

We can’t complain that the PSP hasn’t had any Mega Man games, because it’s had quite a few, even though they’ve been remakes. Still, with the PlayStation Vita itching for titles, an original Mega Man game would be just the thing that would help the PS Vita stay alive; at least, until bigger titles arrive.

Via Rockman Corner, Ask Capcom