Metal Gear Solid 4 infamous install times revealed

Konami has tried to keep everyone tight-lipped on their install times for Metal Gear Solid 4, however with the street date being cast aside by some retailers, the details have emerged as expected. While most are definitely tired of the standard mandatory installs that games of this generation have brought forth, MGS4 seems like one of the only titles fans won’t be complaining about.

A source from the popular internet forum, neoGAF, is reporting that the total install size is set at roughly 4.6GBs of data.

This install amount takes place as the game progresses from the time you load the disk up, to just before each act of the game. We’ve included the specific install times below for each segment of the title.

Start-up: 8 Minutes
Act 2: 3 Minutes
Act 3: 3 Minutes
Act 4: 2 Minutes
Act 5: 1 Minute

Unlike games before it, MGS4 won’t just have you sitting idly by while watching a small percentage bar inch across the screen. Instead, you’ll be treated to conversations between characters to help pass the time and make each install seem effortless and not so mandatory despite it being so.

With only 3 days left, we’re sure more information will creep up, so PSU will do its best to bring you specific news that won’t spoil any of the game itself for our readers without proper warning first.