Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Cheats

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Cheats

Stealth Camouflage:

Successfully complete the game with Technician Status at level 99.

Extreme Difficulty:

Successfully complete the game.


Defeat Cunningham on any difficulty level by depleting his stamina. Additionally, ensure you finish the game before January 1, 1971. Cunningham can then be unlocked upon starting a new game.


Place some spies in the Hospital. Next, have Snake contact Para-Medic by radio on the communications tower stage, and you will receive notification that she has been spotted in the Hospital. Finally, head over to the northern section of the first floor in this area to rescue her, after which she will join your team.


Acquire a Medic level of over 80, with the second digit being an odd number.


Transfer a save file for Metal Gear Acid onto you PlayStation Portable’s memory stick.


Give the Saturn V blueprints to Sokolov.


Following Snake’s capture and subsequent rescue, contact Sigint at the communications tower stage; after the transmission, place spies all around town and wait for the sub-quest to appear.


Defeat Python by depleting his stamina.


Acquire a Medic level of 80.


Place spies in the Western Wilderness before you complete the Guard House mission. Soon after you will receive notifcation of a "handsome" prisoner being held captive there. Raikov will become available once you rescue him.


Kill Null by stamina kill or HP kill when you face him twice and beat the game. You get him after you make a new game.

Major Zero:

Have a MGS:DGN game save on your psp’s memory stick. (Second Playthrough only)


Transfer a Metal Gear Acid 2 save file onto your PlayStation Portable’s memory stick.

Character Passwords (PAL release only)

Input the following codes on the in-game cheats option menu, allowing you to unlock all characters without going through the regular means as detailed above. Please note these are only compatible with the PAL release of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

  • E.WASP – Elisa
  • 016K/HYH – Eva
  • GAK.O – Ga-ko soldier
  • 9-VIPER – Gene
  • CUN=BOA – Lt.Cunningham
  • GALAXY-0 – Major Zero
  • ALL=0 – Null
  • E.M.S. – Paramedic
  • GUFO – Python
  • SKAZKA – Raikov
  • VOSTOK – Sokolov
  • D+ARPA – Sigint
  • SHINE! – Teliko
  • ESP:ASP – Ursula
  • @VESPER – Venus