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Metal Gear Solid Trophies For Master Collection Vo.1 Revealed, And It’s An Easy Platinum

The Metal Gear Solid PS5 Trophy list has been revealed for the game’s inclusion in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol.1, and from the look of things, the list is fairly easy so you won’t have much problem nabbing the Platinum Trophy.

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Solidified (Platinum)

Collect all trophies

Commencing Mission (Bronze)

Begin a new game

vs. Revolver Ocelot (Bronze)

Defeat Revolver Ocelot

vs. M1 Tank (Bronze)

Defeat the M1 Tank

vs. Ninja (Bronze)

Defeat Ninja

vs. Psycho Mantis (Bronze)

Defeat Psycho Mantis

vs. Sniper Wolf (Silver)

Defeat Sniper Wolf

vs. Hind D (Silver)

Defeat Hind D

vs. Sniper Wolf (Rematch) (Gold)

Prevail in the rematch against Sniper Wolf

vs. Vulcan Raven (Gold)

Defeat Vulcan Raven

vs. Metal Gear REX (Gold)

Defeat Metal Gear REX

vs. Liquid Snake (Gold)

Defeat Liquid Snake

Git Gud (Bronze)

Complete a VR training mission

Cover-to-Cover Solid (Silver)

Read all the pages in the Screenplay Book

Decked Out (Gold)

Obtain the bandana

Dress For the Job (Gold)

Obtain the stealth camo

Elite (Gold)

Obtain the Fox or Big Boss codename

Practice Makes Perfect (Gold)

Complete all VR training missions

Ghostly Encounter (Gold)

Exorcise a ghost photo

[Source – Exophase]