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Microsoft Reportedly Planning To Include New Call Of Duty Game In Game Pass This Fall

According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is looking to include the latest Call of Duty game on Game Pass this fall as part of a major shakeup of its video game sales strategy.

Call of Duty was brought under the Microsoft umbrella as part of its mammoth acquisition of Activision Blizzard last year, although unlike some franchises the company owns, the first-person shooter franchise will continue to release on PlayStation formats.

This year’s entry in the series has yet to be announced by Activision, but it is heavily rumoured to be a new Black Ops game that takes place in the Gulf War. However, it seems that Call of Duty is now going to join the Game Pass line-up, which marks a major shift in strategy.

Microsoft plans a major shakeup of its videogame sales strategy by releasing the coming installment of Call of Duty to its subscription service instead of the longtime, lucrative approach of only selling it a la carte.

Speaking of Call of Duty, a recent report unveiled some brief details on what to expect from the series over the next few years, including Call of Duty 2026 and Call of Duty 2027. The former is believed to take place in the Ghosts timeline, although right now we’re still waiting to hear about this year’s game.

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