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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Says ‘We Need To Think Of PlayStation Users As Part Of The Xbox Community’

Xbox overlord Phil Spencer has told Famitsu magazine that Microsoft aims to consider both Nintendo and PlayStation users alike part of the Xbox family going forward.

The executive was talking on the broader spectrum for Microsoft’s Xbox plans, with Game Pass obviously a vital area for growth. He used the example of Nintendo and PlayStation as being part of the family as being similar to how they already consider Steam Deck part of the package.

Just as we think of ROG Ally and Steam Deck as part of the Xbox community, we need to think of the many Nintendo Switch and PlayStation users as part of the Xbox community in the future.

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Of course, it’s impossible not to mention the recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard when talking about Microsoft and the future of Xbox. The deal went through in mid-October, upon which it was confirmed that Bobby Kotick will remain CEO until the end of 2023 only.

Microsoft now has a number of multi-million selling video game franchises under its belt as a result of the deal, including Call of Duty, which is easily one of the biggest franchises in the world. PlayStation consoles will still receive new Call of Duty games going forward. Speaking of which, Spencer has promised 100% parity on PS5 & PS4 for the series going forward.

[Source – Famitsu via Pure Xbox]