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Microsoft’s Rumoured Plans To Bring Games To PS5 Could Involve ‘Even More Than Reported,’ Claims Journalist

Reports that Microsoft is looking to bring a number of Xbox-exclusive titles to PS5 could extend well beyond those that have already been rumoured, according to VGC’s Andy Robinson.

As previously reported, titles including Hi-Fi Rush, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Starfield, and Sea of Thieves are rumoured to be coming to PS5 at some point down the line. However, Robison claims that more could be on the way. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter:

I don’t find it that surprising Xbox is putting more games on PS5 – given its strategy, it always felt like this was something of an inevitability in the future. Though I wasn’t expecting this many this soon (I hear even more are coming than reported).

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Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed plans to bring some of its Xbox catalogue to the PS5, although it’s definitely a major move if it turns out to be true. However, Game Pass will remain in place for Xbox users, and presumably anything that does come to PS5 will do so at full price, so there are advantages for those who invested heavily in Xbox hardware.

[Source – Andy Robinson on Twitter]