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Middle-earth: Shadow of War is pretty brutal when it comes to failure


Monolith Studios has confirmed that the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War will not allow players to repeat a mission should they fail it.

Speaking during the E3 2017 Coliseum event with Geoff Keighley, Troy Baker, who voices Talion in the sequel, and the game’s creative lead Michael de Plater, explained during the event of a gameplay demo, “you never have to replay the same mission twice.”

We can never replay that mission. Time is going to move forward, the world is going to evolve, the guys that are dead are going to stay dead,” de Plater explained to Baker, who enquired about replaying a mission on the nearby screen. “The world constantly moves forward and evolves. You never have to replay the same mission twice. It’s cool.”

Baker added: “We’re giving you guys the ability to craft your own story, and craft your own character, and choose: will be the ranger or will you be the wraith?

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on October 10, 2017. The game was previously slated to hit shelves in August, although was pushed back for additional development time to ensure the highly anticipated title is able to deliver the goods. 

As with the previous game, Shadow of War takes place between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and sees Talion using one of the Rings of Power waging war against The Dark Lord Sauron and his army of Nazguls. Monolith has expanded on the Nemesis system too, allowing gamers to gather Followers to aid them in missions, with various races from Middle-earth selectable, such as Uruk-Hai and Olog-hai.

Those of you who feel like splashing out cash on the fantasy-RPG may want to invest in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mithril Edition.