Midway admits concerns over PlayStation 3 sales

David Zucker, CEO of Midway has stated that the company are still concerned over sales of Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, but felt the recent USD 100 price cut would prove instrumental in boosting uptake for the next-generation system, if only for a short period of time.

Speaking during an interview with this week, Zucker conceded, "We would not be the only publisher to tell you that we’re a little concerned about the take-up of the PS3.”

Despite this, Zucker remained confident on the success that slashing USD 100 off the price of PS3 would have for the console, but expressed reservations on the longevity of a price cut:

"Anytime you get a hundred dollar price on hardware it will improve sales. The question is, is it enough? Will there be more?”, he observed.

Elsewhere, he also detailed forthcoming PS3 releases Unreal Tournament 3 and Stranglehold, the latter of which will be bundled with the Hard Boiled movie.

"When you go back to last year’s E3, one of the first titles that were shown on Sony’s PS3 was Unreal Tournament. So, it has always been a big title for the PS3," he said.

Stranglehold and Unreal Tournament 3 are scheduled to ship for PlayStation 3 later this year; the latter will remain an exclusive to Sony’s console until 2008 as part of a timed exclusivity deal. Expect full coverage of both games here at PSU in the near future.