Mikami: Vanquish was originally an open-world game

Platinum Games’ Shinji Mikami has revealed that the company’s forthcoming action outing Vanquish was originally conceived as an open-world title.

“Vanquish was originally an open battlefield type of game,” Mikami said in a blog post on Platinum’s website, “where the goal was to move around crushing enemy positions; however, once we got started with development, we quickly made the decision to change to a more linear structure. We abandoned the open battlefield and focused on making each stage as visually dense as possible.”

“As a result, I think the graphics in Vanquish are really quite wonderful. It is one of the main points of Vanquish I want to recommend to people. (The only regret is that our decision decreased the amount of times the player uses boosting.)”

In addition, the Resident Evil mastermind also said that the game’s foes were originally coloured white, but were later changed to red and as a result are now easier to identify.

Vanquish hits stores in October 2010.