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Minecraft Dungeons: All Unique Gear, Weapons, Armor


In Minecraft Dungeons, the Unique gear, weapons, and armor are the rarest items in the game and can be obtained randomly from defeating enemies or opening treasure chests. There is a lot to collect and find if you are looking to have a complete set, so we have listed every piece of unique gear, armor, and weapon we have been able to find so far in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons – All Unique Weapons

There are a number of unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, from bows to maces and swords. All of the unique weapons are as follows:

Auto Crossbow (Crossbow)

Bonuses: High Firerate, Firerate Increases Upon Firing

Azure Seeker (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Increased Fire Rate, Faster Projectiles

Bonebow (Bow)

Bonuses: Arrows Grow In Size

Bow of Lost Souls (Bow)

Bonuses: Chance For Multishot, +2 Soul Gathering

Broadsword (Sword)

Bonuses: Extra Damage, Powerful Pushback

Butterfly Crossbow (Crossbow)

Bonuses: High Firerate, Shoots Two Enemies At Once

Cursed Axe (Axe)

Bonuses: Defeated Mobs Explode, Spin Attack Move

Dancer’s Sword (Sword)

Bonuses: Increased Attack Speed, Reliable Combo

Dark Katana (Sword)

Bonuses: Extra Damage To Undead

Diamond Pickaxe (Pickaxe)

Bonuses: Finds More Emeralds

Diamond Sword (Sword)

Bonuses: Extra Damage

Doom Crossbow (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Powerful Shots, Additional Knockback

Elite Power Bow (Bow)

Bonuses: Strong Charged Attacks, Greater Damage

Eternal Knife (Sword)

Bonuses: Chance To Gain Souls, Thrust Attack, +2 Soul Gathering

Fangs Of Frost (Dagger)

Bonuses: Slows Mobs, Dual Wield

Feral Soul Crossbow (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Souls Critical Boost, +2 Soul Gathering

Fighter’s Bindings (Gauntlets)

Bonuses: Boosts Attack Speed, Turbo Punches

Firebolt Thrower (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Chance Of Chain Reaction, Explodes On Impact

Firebrand (Axe)

Bonuses: Burns Mobs, Spin Attack Move

Flail (Mace)

Bonuses: Binds And Chains Enemies

Fortune Spear (Spear)

Bonuses: Drop More Consumables, Long Melee Reach

Frost Scythe (Scythe)

Bonuses: Slows Mobs, +2 Soul Gathering

Grave Bane (Glaive)

Bonuses: Extra Damage To Undead, Longer Melee Reach

Guardian Bow (Bow)

Bonus: Strong Charged Attacks, Super Charged Arrows

Hammer of Gravity (Hammer)

Bonuses: Pulls In Enemies, Great Splash

Harp Crossbow (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Even More Projectiles

Hawkbrand (Sword)

Bonuses: Increases Critical Hit Chance

Heartstealer (Sword)

Bonuses: Leeches Health From Mobs, Powerful Pushback

Highland Axe (Axe)

Bonuses: Stuns Mobs, Spin Attack Move

Hunter’s Promise (Bow)

Bonuses: Pets Attack Targeted Mobs, Chance To Regain Arrows

Jailor’s Scythe (Scythe)

Bonuses: Binds And Chains Enemies, +2 Soul Gathering

Lightning Harp Crossbow (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Chance To Richochet, Multiple Projectiles

Master’s Bow (Bow)

Bonuses: Pets Attack Targeted Mobs, Extra Damage Dealt

Maulers (Gauntlets)

Bonuses: Increases Attack Speed, Relentless Combo

Mechanical Shortbow (Bow)

Bonuses: Accelerated Fire Rate

Nameless Blade (Sword)

Bonuses: Weakens Enemy Attacks, Reliable Combo

Nightmare’s Bite (Sickle)

Bonuses: Spawns Poison Clouds, Dual Wield

Nocturnal Bow (Bow)

Bonuses: Steals Speed, +2 Soul Gathering

Purple Storm (Bow)

Bonuses: Increased Fire Rate

Red Snake (Bow)

Bonuses: Strong Charged Attacks, Chance For Arrows To Explode

Sabrewing (Bow)

Bonuses: Strong Charged Attacks, Heals Allies In The Area

Slayer Crossbow (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Powerful Shots, Chance To Ricochet

Soul Fists (Gauntlets)

Bonuses: Souls Critical Boost, Relentless Combo, +2 Soul Gathering

Stormlander (Hammer)

Bonuses: Fires Lightning Bolts, Great Splash

Sun’s Grace (Mace)

Bonuses: Heals Allies In The Area

The Green Menace (Bow)

Bonuses: Spawns Poison Clouds, Hits Multiple Targets

The Last Laugh (Sickle)

Bonuses: Mobs Drop More Emeralds, Dual Wield

The Pink Scoundrel (Bow)

Bonuses: Chance To Enrage Mobs, Hits Multiple Targets

Truth Seeker (Sword)

Bonuses: Increased Damage To Wounded Mobs, Thrust Attack, +2 Soul Gathering

The Slicer (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Chance To Fire Piercing Bolts, Faster Projectiles

Twin Bow (Bow)

Bonuses: Shoots Two Enemies At Once

Venom Glaive (Glaive)

Bonuses: Spawns Poison Clouds, Longer Melee Reach

Voidcaller (Crossbow)

Bonuses: Pulls Enemies In, +2 Soul Gathering

Whirlwind (Axe)

Bonuses: Casts Shockwaves, Spin Attack Move

Whispering Spear (Spear)

Bonuses: Sometimes Strikes Twice, Long Melee Reach

Minecraft Dungeons – All Unique Armor

Archer’s Armor

Bonuses: +15% movespeed, +10 arrows per bundle, +30% ranged damage

Ember Robe

Bonuses: Burns Nearby Enemies, -25% Artifact Cooldown, +15% Movespeed Aura

Fox Armor

Bonuses: 30% Chance To Negate Hits, +20% Weapon Damage Boost Aura, Health Potions Heal Nearby Allies

Frost Bite

Bonuses: Spawns A Snowy Companion, +100% Souls Gathered, +30% Ranged Damage

Highland Armor

Bonuses: Gains Speed After Dodge, 35% Damage Reduction, +35% Melee Damage

Souldancer Robe

Bonuses: 30% Chance To Negate Hits, +100% Souls Gathered, +50% Artifact Damage

Stalwart Armor

Bonuses: Potion Use Boosts Defense, 35% Damage Reduction, 30% Chance To Negate Hits, 100% Longer Roll Cooldown

Wither Armor

Bonuses: 35% Damage Reduction, +100 Souls Gathered, 3% Life Steal Aura

Minecraft Dungeons releases for PS4 on May 26.