Minecraft PS4, PS Vita teased by 4J Studios

4J Studios’ official Twitter page has seemingly teased the impending release of Minecraft for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The company posted a shot of celebratory rum alongside the message, "Perfect Dark XBLA is on sale at 70% off just now! Pefect reason to finally open this."

However when you look behind the bottle you notice how sneakily 4J teased another delayed title from their line-up — Minecraft.

You can see a PlayStation Vita screen with Minecraft on it , a PlayStation 4 controller and an Xbox One Controller, alongside a shot of what appears to be the PS4 version of Minecraft (due to the "Do not turn off your PlayStation 4" message).

What does this mean? Judging from the image the titles are very far along and may be launched sooner then later.