Minecraft PS4 update 1.52, patch notes details

minecraft update 1.52

Minecraft PS4 update 1.52 lands today on PS4, and 4J Studios has revealed the patch notes, which include the addition of new trophies, items and various bug fixes.

An exact time for the update has not been confirmed, but expect to roll out during the day across all territories.

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Check out the Minecraft update 1.52 patch notes:

• Added Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack.
• Added 7 New Trophies
• Added Biome Scale Slider
• Added Find Balanced Seed option
• Added Llamas, new mobs that can be tamed and ridden, and will form caravans when led.
• Added Parrots. Try letting them ride your shoulder, but be careful what you feed them!
• Added Woodland Mansions, and the mobs that inhabit them: Vindicators, Evokers, and the annoying Vexes that they summon.
• Added Explorer Maps to help you find Ocean Temples and the new Woodland Mansions, and the new Cartographer Villager to sell them to you.
• Added Observer Blocks.
• Added Totem of Undying item.
• Added Curses of Binding and Vanishing.
• Added Spawn Eggs to the Creative Menu for Skeleton Horses, Zombie Horses, Elder Guardians, Strays, Wither Skeletons, Husks, and Zombie Villagers.
• Updated Textures for Mule and Donkey Spawn Eggs.
• Added dyeable beds
• Added display of status effects on the HUD.
• Reduced the amount of Food Bar drain player many actions cause, but increased the drain caused by health regeneration.
• Torches can now be placed on the full-block side of Stairs
• Iron bars, glass panes and fences adjacent to the full-block side of a stair will now visually connect.
• Carpet and snow layers can now be placed on top of upside-down stairs.
• Beds are now bouncy, though they do not completely reduce all fall damage.

Bug Fixes
• MCCE-3488 – Villager trading broken
• MCCE-4793 – Loose dual wielded item when you die
• MCCE-4731 – Shulker box miss colored in Natural texture pack
• MCCE-4910 – Shulker Boxes on Natural texture pack
• MCCE-4746 – Sleeping with an elytra
• MCCE-3357 – End portals stop appearing after respawned dragon death
• MCCE-2998 – Slime Block Glitch
• MCCE-4715 – Potions firing from dispenser crash.
• MCCE-2744 – Fences Attaching to Nether Brick Fences
• MCCE-3165 – Tutorial World
• MCCE-4830 – Skin-Pack: Magic: The Gathering, Ajani skin has bugs
• MCCE-4840 – Color of shulker box incorrect in Natural texture pack
• MCCE-4834 – skeletons spawn in a 2 high space with trapdoors on ceiling
• MCCE-4663 – Weapon durability shows when interface opacity is low
• MCCE-4727 – Textures wrong
• MCCE-3973 – Donkeys don’t spawn
• MCCE-4710 – Invisible Chat Box
• MCCE-1899 – Squid spawning limit super low…
• MCCE-3386 – Game freezes
• MCCE-2983 – Piston translocation will not work in future versions. Bug?
• MCCE-2479 – It’s possible to step up 1 pixel height from Grass Paths to Farmland blocks.
• MCCE-4644 – Birch boat texture is broken in cartoon texture pack
• MCCE-3352 – No trail after shulker projectile on PS4
• MCCE-3005 – new Minecraft mob attacking heart dropping animation not working on ps4

There’s been a bit of controversy recently over Minecraft , with Sony explicity stating that the Minecraft PS4 edition will not support crossplay

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