Minecraft PS4 Update

Minecraft Update 1.83 Patch Notes Confirms New PS4 Trophies

minecraft ps4 update 1.90

4J Studios has released Minecraft update version 1.83 for PS4 today. Here are the full patch notes that are available for this update, six new PS4 trophies and The Nightmare before Christmas Mash-Up Pack.

The coincides with news that the PS3 version of Minecraft will be getting its last ever update this week. This is also being rolled out this week, though may take until December 19 to land on some consoles. PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Xbox 360 will also receive the same final update.

Minecraft Update 1.83 Patch Notes

The full patch notes for update 1.83 are as follows:

  • Added The Nightmare before Christmas Mash-Up Pack.
  • Added the Holiday Update.
  • Added six new Trophies to acquire.
  • Added Cats, a new(ish) mob that spawns in villages and can be tamed with tasty fish. Cats scare off Phantoms, so if you don’t like to sleep much they’re the perfect pet!
  • Added Pandas, cuddly bears that love to eat Bamboo and have surprisingly complex genetics.
  • Lazy Pandas like to lie about just eating Bamboo all day.
  • Weak Pandas sneeze gross slime, and have less health than other Pandas.
  • Worried Pandas are scared of thunderstorms and other mobs.
  • Aggressive Pandas hit harder, and fight for their friends.
  • Playful Pandas enjoy rolling around and having fun!
  • Brown Pandas are exceptionally rare, and have unique looks.
  • Added Bamboo plants, that can be used to construct Scaffolding or feed Pandas.
  • Added Scaffolding blocks, a new way to quickly build and climb buildings. Check the How to Play page for more info!
  • Ocelots no longer turn into Cats, but you can still earn their trust in the usual way.
  • Added white, black, blue, and brown Dyes.
  • Fix for Crash that would occur while near areas with Snow.
  • Fix for Barrier block in the Tutorial level.
  • Fix for Crash that would occur when TNT blew up a Fence post and Shulker Box.