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Minecraft Update 1.20 Trails And Tales Brings New Biome, Friendly Mob & More

Mojang Studios has detailed the upcoming Minecraft update 1.20, which is officially titled Minecraft Trails and Tales.

Due out later this year, Minecraft update 1.20 will feature a bunch of new content, including a new bio, friendly mob, and more. According to the developer, Minecraft Trails and Tales is “all about self-expression through representation, storytelling, and world building.”

The biggest addition to Minecraft with Trails and Tales is the Cherry Blossom Biome, which offers a matching coloured wood set and leaves, inhabited by various animals including pigs, sheep and bees. Meanwhile, the friendly mob of camels will also be joining the game, which players can use to ride on — their Dash ability allows you to travel quickly, too.

Minecraft update 1.20 will also include a new animal known as the Sniffer, which will sniff out seeds buried in the environment and help players locate decorative plants.

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Finally, players will have access to new customisation items, allowing them to create hanging sings, chiseled bookshelves, armour trims and more to cater to their personal style.